Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Letter to the ..... whichever corporate cocksucker, you all look the same Jan 08, 2009 10:03PM PST

Reading Jeff Green's blog yesterday put me in somewhat of a punk rock mood because of its "fuck you" attitude, so that I had boasted a very "fuck you" letter about not recieving my EGM which I had every plan of sending. That idea went out the window when I realized, just like every "fuck you" letter (I assume... not much of a letter writer, either my favorite show stays on air or I read a book) I wasn't actually sure where the blame was supposed to be put. I originally intended on calling UGO execs corporate cocksuckers (mind you I realize this, if anything, would exempt me from getting my lost February EGM but since I wasn't hopeful anyway why not have some needlessly angst-ridden fun?) but after actually assessing the situation all they did was buy a company. According to Milky, a "poorly run" company called Ziff Davis. Furthermore, the reason I'm not getting my EGM is because (again, according to Milky) there simply weren't enough ads to get it distributed. I'm actually willing to pay newsstand prices so that I can get my final copy of EGM if it's available at all. So I don't know if I'll get this magazine in any other form except to print off the 3 1up pages, and that's sad. But I'm not sure what childish name calling will do except alleviate one iota of dissapointment I feel about being a loyal subscriber and having both my favorite editors and myself get screwed by a shitty cover to end on..... hmm... In closing, Fuck you Ziff Davis; you are all corporate cocksuckers and I hope little children from foreign nations eat your souls. Fascists.

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