Saturday, August 3, 2013

Something on August 3

So I decided to tally up what female game characters were mentioned most on my previous "Misandry in Gaming" blog, and here are the results. These are based entirely on comments I did not make (so my replies don't count), and only the first instance of someone mentioning a character was counted. This was all tallied at the time when my "Misandry in Gaming" blog had 52 comments. Apologies if anything has changed since.
The top three:
The only character with a total of four mentions, 
Chun-Li's ass-kicking thighs won her the Bronze. 
Beating her out for the Silver was 
Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, with five mentions. I know nothing about her, but she looks like what would be my type in real life. 
And because everyone here is sexist and wants women to be silent (kidding), the winner is 
Samus Aran, with seven mentions in total. 
Fourth place runners up (three mentions): Jade (Beyond Good & Evil), Tali (Mass Effect), Liara (Mass Effect), Zelda (The Legend of Zelda; her two other mentions were as Terra and Shiek)
Fifth place runners up (two mentions): Bayonetta (Bayonetta), Alyx (Half-Life 2), The Boss (Metal Gear Solid 3), Taki (Soul Calibur)
Sixth place runners up (one vote): Way too damn many for me to sit here and type
But what game series had the most female characters mentioned? 
Well, with at least two characters mentioned, these game series are all tied for third. They are
Tekken, with Ling Xiaoyu and Nina Williams getting mentioned
Chrono Trigger, with Marle and Ayla
Kingdom Hearts had Aqua and Kairi getting love
Thing I feel uncomfortable Google Image searching, Dead or Alive, got mentions for Kasume and Ayane
Dragon Age fans are fond of Merill and Morrigan ... or maybe it was just GeminiMan, I forget.
With three characters mentioned, we have
Metal Gear Solid's Sniper Wolf, The Boss, and Olga getting some kind of appreciation.
Cammy, Juri, and bronze medalist Chun-Li representing Street Fighter
Assuming Valkyrie, Silmeria, and Alicia are all different people (I honestly don't know), Valkyrie Profile had three ladies mentioned
Finally, with four females mentioned, the game series with the most estrogen influence appear to be
With all four characters coming from Captain N, Sabrina, Claire, Flannery and Cynthia put Pokemon up top.
With mentions from a few more people, as well as the series that is home to the silver medalist, we have 
with Quistis, Garnet, Paine, and of course Tifa getting mentions.
The fighting game with the most female characters mentioned
Cassandra, Taki, Talim, and Kilik fought their way into one of the games with the highest number of recognized females by Pixlbit users. 
Finally, people love
And they love Liara, Aria, Ashley, and especially Tali therein. 
I don't know what the point of this is either, but there ya go.


  1. Nice! If we were gonna say Final Fantasy characters I would have picked Terra from FF 6, but Tifa is a good choice too. I'm glad two of my picks made the top list. WOO HOO!!!

    1. Yeah, Chun-Li and Samus Aran are definitely some of the most recognizable female characters, so it makes sense.

      I did not realize that maybe Carey meant Terra from FF6, which would mean one vote for her and only two for Zelda. Hmm...