Monday, February 25, 2013

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In an amazing Game 2 comeback, the Dallas Mavericks have tied the NBA Finals series and will be coming to American Airlines Center/Home (where we paid $5 of Parking to watch the first half of the game on the jumbotron). Obnoxious LeBron fans also took advantage of this, and I just wish we could have stayed the whole time to see the look on their faces (or one guy in particular) at the final score.
Hopefully, they can stop giving up the leads they get early in games so they don't have to pull magic tricks like last night. I think this definitely shifted momentum in their favor, though, and the refs aren't near as bad so far as they were in '06 towards the end (when everyone got pissed at us for having problems with the officiating... only to find out we were right to complain, given that at least one ref was taking bets on the games).
Score: 95-93
I quite enjoyed celebrating with my free taco coupon at Taco Bueno, which was given out to fans of the Mavs on Facebook.
While the game was going on, X-men 3: The Last Stand was playing on FX Movie Channel. I liked it more than I remember, though I liked these films for the popcorn munchers they were. At any rate, I always liked this more than Superman Returns, having to agree with most of what Kevin Smith said in a rant on that subject.
Of course, the point of watching the trilogy on FX the last couple days (X2 graciously being the only one not to interrupt the basketball series), was to prepare for X-Men: First Class which looks damn good. One review they've been hyping on TV compared it to what Nolan did with Batman, so we'll see: expect a review tomorrow, hopefully.
Speaking of movies related to old cartoon and comic book series, I know it's old news to a lot of you, but only very recently was I made aware that 20th Century Fox had a live-action Cowboy Bebop movie slated for this year.
It's been postponed for rewrites due to an estimated cost of "half a billion dollars" if the original script were followed, I'm guessing it probably had a few too many mentions of spacecraft in it. I'm actually contemplating writing a script for them and sending it off. Who knows... maybe I'd get lucky.
Most interestingly, Keanu Reeves has been confirmed as Spike Spiegel. A lot of fanboys hate this, but I honestly think it makes sense: he's the only American actor I can think of who physically looks like Spike a bit, and as an action star, I think he could pull off the Jeet Kune Do acrobatics.
Sadly, I'm aware of the real reason everyone's skeptical: acting ability. His kind of wooden acting I think actually works to a degree in his roles, but if he wants to be Spike, he's going to have to be a hell of a lot more James Bond than Neo.
Is he going to be able to pull off a character that gets by with sloppy antics and a sly smile, or is he going to misinterpret something and have his past roles of a more serios badass shine through? Honestly, I just hope I get to find out at all, my curiosity has been piqued.
Well, E3 is coming up, and so is the coverage of NGP, 3DS, and possibly a reveal of Project Cafe.
I can't say I'm excited as everyone else, considering I pulled WAY back on entertainment spending once I had to go to college (most of which is riding on loans I'll have to start paying off soon after May 2012), but I am considering buying a 3DS once it comes out with more games and I can see if I really care for Netflix 3D.
The NGP looks quite a bit more impressive, but that has to equal more expensive so I'll admire that from afar.
As for the Big 3, I wonder what Sony will say about its PSN Network, what new games will come for the 360, and if Wii has much of anything to say for itself.
For a much better analysis from someone actually invoilved in current-gen gaming, see Riff's blog here.
See you Couch Cowboys....

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