Tuesday, February 26, 2013

BaD FUBAR Friday: An Easy Way to Keep in Touch Once the Plug's Pulled I know you hate the site, bear with me Feb 22, 2013 12:17AM PST

If you're here from one of my comments on your blog, please not I was trying to make up for the fact I don't think my messages were sending to everyone. Don't think of me as trying to get blog views, I just thought the message would get across better if I brought everyone to this suggestion.
I will get around to commenting everyone's blogs and commenting on comments on my previous post later ... comment. Right now I go in for 9am which means I leave earlier than 8am to avoid traffic, and it's past 2am, and there's a bajillion blogs about the big bad news I can't get to right this minute. I'm also busy backing up my blogs to my blogger account (I'm on 40, out of what as of this blog will be 499 entries, be patient while I try to beat the servers' plug being pulled!)
Speaking of those, everyone has been slinging out links where you can find them once 1up goes under, including myself.
Problem: There is far too much variety in where everyone's going to, and I'm not going to pretend I'll check tumblr, and blogger, and your email, and wordpress, for different people, every day, and I don't have an XBL, PSN, or Steam or Nintendo account to keep up with some of you. If I were to follow everyone at all the different places mentioned, I'd lose track, and frankly I just don't have the time.
Easy Solution, and bear the fuck with me, those of you that hate the site so much: 1up has a group on facebook simply called 1up, where 1up members post in the closed group keep in touch already. I, as a member, can add my facebook friends to the group, so if you give me your facebook name, I'll add you as a friend, then to the group. Then you can link your blogs and thoughts in there for us to comment, and we can maintain the convenience of having ONE stop to make to visit the 1up community.
My facebook name is Joe Mike Step, and feel free to add me as a friend on facebook as long as you message me who you are (your 1up name, or just say "Im so-and-so from 1up"), and *accept the ground rule that in most circumstances (I'm making a special exception so we can all keep up with each other more easily) I keep only people I know/have met in real life on my facebook*, and mostly want to chat with you in the 1up group, or messages, but don't feel like explaining to real life friends who this person with an online user sounding name is commenting some opinion status I posted, so try and use your discretion on what you comment on of mine outside the 1up group.
On second thought, add the alternate facebook account I made today, Jimothy Jackson (or message me on here or facebook to add you) to your facebook friends list, then I'll add you. Makes things easier.

I just think this will make things so much easier for everybody, so we can all still keep in touch with only one trip when we hop on the computer.

Please Read My Following Responses to Expected Gripes
"But I don't want people finding me on facebook."
I kind of doubt people I know personally would find me if I still had a picture of my cat near a weight set and only the name genresrforposers. Just keep to posting in the group, and as it's closed, no one will see what you're posting out there in the facebook wild anyway.
"I hate facebook, it's like high school all over again."
Well, if you add all your high school friends, yeah, but follow the above advice and I doubt they'll pester you. Again, you can make up a fake name, avatar without your real face, and just post in the CLOSED group.
"What if my real friends start wondering about my 1up friends I'm adding."
You can hide statuses/activity from public view, and I'm pretty sure this includes stories about friends you've added. If not, just make a new facebook that's not under your real name, as I have.
I just really don't see any downside to this outside of some of you having a certain hatred for any popular social networking sites, and if you can drop that to create an account, or use your current one to let me add you, this keeping in touch business will be a fuckload easier, I think.
If you have any other suggestions of course, I'd love to hear them, but what I'm suggesting is an already established (80 members deep) one-stop-shop, so from my standpoint, it would work pretty well, and I'll have plenty of time to add you over the weekend.
I apologize for my crankiness and language, I just need some sleep. Please fogive this somewhat brash post, and I genuinely ask for your honest opinion on this. Comments ahoy!

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