Monday, February 25, 2013

Blog a Day: Challenge Accepted It's Time to D-D-D-D-D-D-Duel! Jan 31, 2013 6:14AM PST

Well, for February, I'm going to try doing the Blog a Day challenge and see how that goes.
In the meantime, here are some random facts about me I might turn into blogs of their own:
- I so love 90s Music that I made a playlist on Spotify called "90s Singles: Memories," which has 258 tracks that I got by going to wikipedia, looking at every year of music from 1990-1999 (0-9), and seeing which songs on each of those articles' "notable singles" lists I would have remembered from radio or my older brother's CDs/my CDs during the decade. Search for user Joe Mike Step on Spotify if you want to listen/see what I put. And yes, I have too much time on my hands; I'm a freelancer whose work is slow this time of year.
I actually remember more songs, but I left off ones I would have heard in the 2000s and not in the decade they were released, like "Gin and Juice" by Snoop Dogg, which I only know cause of 2001 Chris Rock vehicle Down to Earth, or "Big Poppa" by Notorious B.I.G. from Keanu Reeves motivational sports flick Hardball, also 2001.
Also, expect a lot of these upcoming blogs to be about music, and possibly tomorrow's to be another My Music Timeline entry, I can't imagine what about...
- Something I learned making that playlist: I've always loved the songs I know of Goo Goo Dolls, but finding singles of theirs outside of "Iris" and "Slide" made me realize just what an amazing band they are. I have literally heard nothing but great songs from them so far.
- Also, I just realized that Wikipedia apparently didn't think of any Everclear singles as noteable, at least I don't think there's any on there. Blasphemy! My playlist is blasphemous now! Dammit.
- I love movies. interviews a lot of people in the industry and asks their five favorites and why those are their favorites. Currently, mine are 1. Cinderella Man 2. Chasing Amy 3. Ruggles of Red Gap 4. Silver Linings Playbook 5. Crash (2004). Why? Well, I'm saving that for later.
- I'm a little under the weather since my cat, Clinger's still sick, and there was talk of maybe putting him down. He's 15 years old, so stuff's bound to happen, but I don't like to think about it. Luckily, I've had plenty of stuff, like what I'm doing now for instance, to take my mind off it.
- My least favorite videogame genres would have to be Strategy, RPG, and Simulation. I like a quick and/or straightforward fix in a fictional setting for games, and I know this makes me sound dumb, but I kind of like to shut my brain off a bit when playing games. Don't look at me that way, I graduated from an accredited four-year university with high honors. I've earned the right dammit!
- As for books and movies, I prefer character studies, metaphor, high-concept stuff, etc. I do consider videogames art, but I also think the term is so incredibly subjective, it's a useless headache to argue the point.
- I've often been told I have a dry sense of humor. I try to inject it into my blogs, but sometimes it doesn't work. I'd actually consider my sense of humor fairly vulgar, but whatever. That being said, I don't like scatalogical humor. Fuck that shit.
- I'm actually very interested in religion and politics and the roles they play in society, but can't stand having a conversation about them, cause it'll just turn into a defensive name-calling fest and I rarely learn anything new. Hence, my preference for looking up primary sources and seeing where I stand on hot button topics. I will say one thing: I think all popular television news is a pathetic, depressing excuse for "journalism." It genuinely upsets me that talking heads have pretty much replaced investigative reporting.
- Sometimes, I look at my tastes in things and think if that's all people knew about me, they might think I'm a hipster. I assure you, while I share a lot of their taste, I try to suppress any condescending douchebaggery on my part. And, as you saw last blog, I dress and look like an average high school student despite being 22, so I definitely don't have the look down.
- I've been getting back into playing guitar lately. It was easier in high school I think, because I mostly liked heavy music and so much of it was guitar-centric. I still do love the heavy stuff, but the ratio of relaxing to heavy music I listen to has shifted dramatically recently, and sometimes chords just aren't that interesting on their own. I like piano too, but I have trouble playing bass and treble simultaneously.
- My insomnia is still besting me. Hoping to turn things around.
- I've been thinking of starting a channel on Youtube, probably something similar to what That Guy With the Glasses contributors do.
- I've always wanted to be a stand up comedian. I actually did some well received 5 minute sets in college.
- I've also always wanted to be an actor, and a rock star, and a writer. I guess technically, I have one down. Now all I have to do is become an alcoholic, get suicidally depressed and die, and after that happens I can enjoy success in my field. Edgar Allen Poe and Ernest Hemingway, here I come!
- I've been contemplating going back and getting my Master's. Possibly in Business, but maybe I'll remember I suck at math and take the logical step towards an MFA in Film. Or I can just promote/get more hours at my awesome current job.
- I'm a huge fan of memes. Love making them, too.
- I haven't played a game on a console that wasn't a boring online shooter some friend was having me play in over 5 years. Well, aside from a college friend's Super Nintendo. Street Fighter II Turbo holds up well. I keep meaning to get some missed gems for my Gamecube and DS, but I just don't have the motivation to get on Amazon, especially with a tight budget.
- I find I remember a lot of unimportant life events better than things that could actually land one a decent job.
- I love psychology research and find it fascinating; it was my minor in college and I love reading Cracked articles that cite such research.
- As an adult, I wish I had been more interested in foreign language, mathematics, science, etc.; as it stands, I excel at English (blogs are not to be counted as evidence proving or disproving this, ahem) and genuinely believe that had I worked past some frustrations with certain subjects, I would have excelled at them too. Most tutors/friends/instructors etc. have told me I seem to always start in the right direction on math problems, then make errors by distrusting myself.
- Well, now I have 20+ ideas to draw from for blogs this month, so if I ever get stuck I can just go back here and use an idea. I got this Blog a Day thing figured out. Cool

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