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Well, what now? Apr 14, 2011 11:08PM PST

How about I just put every day of my 30 day song challenge up since I can't think of anything

Day 01 ? Your favorite song - Green Day - When I come Around

This might have more to do with classical conditioning than anything else, but this song was always on when I was a kid and something good or exciting was happening. I still enjoy it today because it reminds me of a time with no worries.

Day 02 ? Your least favorite song - Black Eyed Peas -My Humps

You know why.

Day 03 ? A song that makes you happy - Money Grabber

It makes me happy to see new bands with excellent music, even if their newness is slightly diminished by their very 60s style. Still definitely going to pick up their album as I listened on Youtube and there are no bad songs on it in my opinion.

Day 04 ? A song that makes you sad - Nate Dogg - I got love

I posted this the day he died, so it really doesn't make me sad, there was just that "well that sucks" moment when everybody on my Facebook said he died. 

I don't know much about Nate Dogg, and I'm probably more sad that Dio died, but again given the day I posted this and the fact I like his voice you get the picture.

Day 05 ? A song that reminds you of someone - Black Keys: Things Ain't Like They Used to Be

Falling out of infatuation, in a nutshell.

Day 06 ? A song that reminds of you of somewhere - Dropkick Murphys - Shipping Up to Boston

In the title. Loved my trip there.

Day 07 ? A song that reminds you of a certain event - Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

I realize it's overplayed emo garbage to you, but

When the Boston Red Sox won the World Series in 2004, this song also won the fifth time in a row on 102.1 The Edge (Dallas radio station)'s 9 o clock cock fight, a segment where two new songs competed for audience votes on which was better through call-ins. It was fitting, since I was betting whether or not I'd get a girl based on whether or not the Sox won... well, at least they won.

Day 08 ? A song that you know all the words to - Metallica - Fade to Black

Speaking of emo songs, hearing this at Ozzfest 2008 in Frisco had me tearing up a bit. That may have been because I had been in the sun all day and had just seen the price tag on lukewarm water bottles ($4), but let's just go with it

Day 09 ? A song that you can dance to - Macarena/Electric Slide/Just Dance

I need instructions.... other than that, I actually enjoy Lady Gaga and figured that song was apropos

Day 10 ? A song that makes you fall asleep - Smooth jazz instrumental

I always listened to the smooth jazz station to lull me to sleep in high school. I actually do like the music, though classical conditioning strikes again whenever I'm in a Dentist's office and get bored just from hearing it. In the right environment though, it's actually kind of sexy and soothing.

Now if only those creepy DJs didn't have to come in between songs sounding like they wanted to gently caress my ear hole. Seriously, the DJs for smooth jazz stations have the creepiest Barry Manilow impressions...

Day 11 ? A song from your favorite band - Relentless, Reckless Forever or Silent Night, Bodom Night

Sadly, while they've been my favorite band for a few years, I just am not as impressed with their new stuff, though I did like "Shovel Knockout" and a few others off their new album. The song that got me into them to begin with though is the amazing "Silent Night, Bodom Night" which I first heard on a friend's iPod.

Day 12 ? A song from a band you hate -Soulja Boy Pretty Boy Swag 

Not sure this counts as a band, but honestly this is far worse than "My Humps." Only reason they don't switch places is cause I occasionally dig Black Eyed Peas (even thought their Superbowl performance wasn't as bad as everyone said but eh, probably just the Tron suits tricking me) while Soulja Boy is always horribifuckusly bad.

Day 13 ? A song that is a guilty pleasure - Real Muthafuckin' G's by Eazy E

I like this song, despite being repulsed by its message. Not a fan of promoting gangster behavior and making bad communities even worse, especially when it's over a label feud but that said I like the flow, rhymes, and beat. 

Day 14 ? A song that no one would expect you to love - Mos Def - Mathematics

Much less repulsed by this, which actually has some clever rhymes and I like how he ties numbers into every verse.

Day 15 ? A song that describes you - You Only Live Once by Strokes

It describes my philosophy moreso than "me" but close enough I say. Not sure what song would describe me really.

Day 16: Used to Love now Hate - Newfound Glory - Welcome to My Life

I never loved it, and I don't "hate" it per se. It's just a song from when I liked this sad pop-punk music (I guess emo?) and looking back realizing how WAAAAY over the top whiny it is. I'm embarrassed and ashamed.

Day 17 ? A song that you hear often on the radio - Three Days Grace - Break

I wasn't complaining either. Love the lyrics, love the music, love the band. Got kind of a new-age grunge thing going for them.

Day 18 ? A song that you wish you heard on the radio - I Won't Say Anything - Bad Religion

It sounds like it should close out a movie or an epic life. It's so laid back and catchy yet so pensive, I can't help but love it. I'm a big BR fan too, so it helps. They really matured on this song (which is good considering they're all at least 40 by now). Too bad they'll never be radio famous, though a lot of fans wouldn't want that anyway.

Day 19 ? A song from your favorite album - Winds of Change - Fitz and the Tantrums

Dear Mr. President was also a good contender, as with other songs on the album. I never thought I'd be so into a band after just seeing them once on Conan.

Day 20 ? A song that you listen to when you?re angry - Fucking Hostile - Pantera or Angry Young and Poor by Anti-Flag

The lyrics to "Fucking Hostile" are a surprising amount more thoughtful than you'd think given the nature of the band, even if it does boil down to a "fuck authority" message to the harsher critic.

As for "Angry, Young, and Poor" I just love political punk bands when I'm angry. Shit works.

Day 21 ? A song that you listen to when you?re happy - Dio - Rainbow in the Dark

I realize the lyrics aren't cheery, but when I'm in a good mood, I reach for some 80s cheese, complete with over-the-top vocals, solos, keyboards and of course in live situations, attire.

Day 22 ? A song that you listen to when you?re sad - Hurt - Johnny Cash

Before anyone asks, Cash is the one who covered Nine Inch Nails. This is a fact. No, being older doesn't mean he wrote it first.

It does mean he can make it a much better song though. Honestly, to me it's like the difference between Dylan's and Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower." The cover just blows the original out of the water and becomes its own song entirely. 

Day 23 ? A song that you want to play at your wedding - Hard to Concentrate - RHCP

If you listen to the lyrics, it makes perfect sense.

Day 24 ? A song that you want to play at your funeral - Imagine by John Lennon

I hope I've done something worthy of this before I go out. I love the philosophy and want to be remembered as a peaceful person. Plus, it's a hopeful song, so everyone's not JUST depressed (though there might be some that'd get happy lol)

Day 25 ? A song that makes you laugh - Dick in a Box - The Lonely Island

The first Lonely Island vid I saw is still the best one to me. 

Day 26 ? A song that you can play on an instrument - Mega Man 3 Intro

Can play the opening theme on guitar... or at least could.

Day 27 ? A song that you wish you could play - Bloody Tears - Castlevania II

This is eerily beautiful on piano

Day 28 ? A song that makes you feel guilty - We Are the World...

I think it's obvious why.

Day 29 ? A song from your childhood - MMbop - Hanson or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or Animaniacs or Batman: TAS or X-men or....

God, I miss the 90s

Day 30 ? Your favorite song at this time last year - Streetlight Manifesto - We Will Fall Together or Protomen - The Hounds

I was really into rock with horn sections. Still am.

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