Monday, February 25, 2013

First 6 Days of 30 Days of Gaming Challenge and unexpected Call of Juarez Mar 06, 2011 1:28PM PST

More precisely, the EGM cover of it, which I haven't recieved since they went out of print. I'm likely resubscribing under one condition: I get some form of that Street Fighter IV cover that never hit. I STILL haven't washed the taste of the Wolverine one down yet.
In other news, I'm making a podcast that will be up Wednesday, because it has to be (it's for a class). It's a late one about the Oscars, but not much about the ceremony, more about the movies.
I'm also turning 21 on March 23rd. Gifts accepted. My spring break is after this week, so I'll be around here more often, and maybe help riff out with his site a bit if he has something.
Edit: I'm going to do that 30 Day Challenge thing I've decided. Since I'm late, here are my first six:
1. My first videogame: Duck Hunt/Super Mario Bros.
I hate that snarky dog
So many people's first games. I loved the kashink, kashink noise the gun made when shooting ducks.
2. My favorite character: Roy from Super Smash Bros. Melee
I know he's from Fire Emblem, but I kicked ass whenever I played with him in SSMB, never played Fire Emblem
3. An Underrated Gem: Elite Beat Agents
I liked Crawling in the Dark, but after that...
Such a fun rythym game with pop music I actually mostly like. Rolling Sones, Boston, pop/punk from my childhood, and Earth, Wind and Fire? Hell yes!
Getting all S rankings was well worth the challenge, and actually fun.
Come to think of it, another underrated rythym gem that brings me back is Bust a Groove on Playstation. Memories!
I'm here to bust this groove
4. A Guilty Pleasure: I can't really think of anything that makes ME feel guilty, but I'll go with Super Mario Sunshine, since lots of people called it "gay/for babies" when I was in grade school and didn't realize what they wee missing out on.
Personally, I think it's leagues beyond Mario 64 and SO much more fun. Plus the graphics were awesome at the time, and that time was when Metroid Prime, Wind Waker, and Sunshine were shown at an E3 press conference. I was a Gamecube fanboy, and that was a great time to be one. Why I own the first two and not Sunshine, I'll never know.
5. Character I'm most like (want to be like): Solid Snake.
That's one solid rocket ya got there
Not because I'm a badass, or a smoker, but because I'm sneaky like a ninja and full of lonely existentialism that was all the rage in the 90s.
So yeah, I'm like a badass character due to his most nerdy attributes, but it was the best I could come up with.
6. Most annoying character?
ANYTHING that floats in an irregular pattern or pushes you off a ledge. Since Sorrowful_Tragedy already mentioned Castlevania's Medusa heads though, I'll mentionj my other pet peeve enemy:
Like-Likes. I HATE pointless backtracking almost as much as I love Metroid ironically. Stupid shield eating time wasters!

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