Tuesday, February 26, 2013

WTF Wednesday: BaD Description of a good job I'm gonna steam shirts at 7am tmorrow Feb 19, 2013 9:17PM PST

Yesterday, I was on a set where there was a man in construction worker clothing who unzipped slowly in front of a camera, and several people were asked to be "fluffers."

My previous job at my current place of work was brushing doll hair while people filmed it.

I can't provide context to this because of a non-disclosure agreement I signed when I got the job, and I won't provide context because my sense of humor doesn't want you to know what actually happened leading to my vague allusions to what sound like porno sets, despite being relatively dry subjects to film in reality.

I love my job.

Now please enjoy these Harlem Shake videos done by my alma mater. I honestly like the one near Surfin' Steve better than the "official" one the athletic department had on the football field, but oh well.

And my senior year, I was the Assistant Hall Director for Lumberjack Landing, the Freshman-only building on campus opened in Fall 2011, when I was promoted to AHD.

Frankly, I think that since I left, along with my asshole-ish/grumpy anti-child ways, my good friend currently running the show has allowed fat, shirtless white boys to become far too bold.

The America I knew and loved is gone.


That's all I got.

Ok fine, here are some amusing pictures of cats. Greedy fucking bastards.




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