Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 14 - Current/Most Recent Wallpaper Game? Mar 14, 2011 2:35AM PST

Ummm... I don't control the wallpaper on this computer, and my personal laptop I don't believe ever had videogame wallpaper.

So insteead, here's days 1 and 2 of another 30 Day Challenge involving music.

Favorite Song

Like The Boston Red Sox, this is another thing I love for circumstansial reasons. Oh, I love the song on its own, but what rockets ot up to my favorite has to do with nostalgia just as much and probably more.

I miss the 90s, and this song pretty much defines the happy parts of my youth. Either this or "Paradise City" by Gn'R had a habit of popping up on the radio when I was in the best mood. I also remember that back then I promised myself this music would be closer to my life than that depressing, angst-ridden shit my brother listened to i.e. Pantera and Nirvana. I was going to like songs about nothing substantial and women loving because my life was going to be filled of blissful ignorance damnit!

Of course, that dream was dead from the start being the son of a computer teacher and thus automatically a shut-in of sorts (she often had to work at 6pm, leaving me to play Gizmos and Gadgets and Oregon Trail rather than playing outside or catching the excellent 90s Batman or Power Rangers episodes) and looked at as a momma's boy. My non-assertive nature and suckitude at most sports didn't help either.

So years later in high school, I listend to the angsty crap I so hated years ago. I still do, but I still listen to this happy-go-lucky music, and especially this old song, to pretend everything turned out as planned and I made out with a thousand supermodels by the time I was 12.

Least Favorite Song

This probably isn't really my least favorite song, I'm sure I could find something worse but... then again, maybe not

Black Eyed Peas - My Humps

I actually thought their Superbowl performance was fine, unlike (according to an ESPN poll) literally the rest of America, but that's for another time.

This however, is a perfect example of the dry, barely trying pop music with vapid lyrics we all at least say we hate, but I think it's genuine in regards to this song.

It's Fergie bragging about her looks and guys spending on her on top of a barely-there beat and some synth. It just sucks out loud more than any other song in recent memory.

I'm sure you can give me something worse though, and I invite you to torture me in the comments. Any genre. bring it on.

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