Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So rather than "workout Wednedays," which I had planned initially, while completely forgetting I'm on a site where no one gives a shit, and that I haven't actually played a fitness videogame, unless Youtube workouts are the same as Wii Fit to you, I'll be reserving Wednesdays as my official "cat gif blog" days.

But, in case you were wondering: I'm actually going to have to walk 6 miles (to make up for not walking 3 miles yesterday) and bench today, since yesterday I did nothing and cheated my diet.

I didn't cheat that hard, in fact I had Corn Chex for breakfast, Raisin Bran for lunch, and only after my friend and I got out of Zero Dark Thirty did I have a delicious blue cheese burger with fries and dipping ranch for dinner at Chapps Hamburger Cafe. And I'm currently eating a banana. By the way, I'm typing this while watching Stephen Colbert "yesterday," at 10:30pm CT or so this fine Tuesday... yeah, I'm just saying "yesterday" cause most of you will read this on Wednesday, so to you this is all happening yesterday; you get all that?

Anyway, I'll save the details of how I felt about Zero Dark Thirty for BaD Movie Monday, and Chapps I'll save for this BaD Food Friday blog. Speaking of movies, I've now seen 9 of the ten Oscar Best Pictures nominees for this year. If Amour is on Red Box, I'll watch it, but I'm not paying top doallr for it, it doesn't sound like my thing.

I think I might use today as a break, so I can catch up ... on the book I'm reading, Catching Fire. Cool Also, so I can play Song Pop over on facebook, and keep adding songs I've never heard to listen to on my Spotify playlists.

Don't worry, I'll still take time out to comment all your blogs and reply to your comments on mine. In the meantime, here's some songs I like in various genres.

I'm puttin' in my will that this ska-punk song gets played at my funeral,

right before John Lennon's "Imagine"

More rock with horns!  Plus it's Mega Man inspired, so I meet my gaming talk quotient for this blog!

And while we're talking about Mega Man, let's have some 80s synth rock in his name! Too Appropos

Now for some folk rock, with one of my favorite songs off their CD I got for Christmas last year.

A 90s classic

Favorite song from Les Mis. Well, the version at the end of the movie is anyway,

this will have to do though.

Alexi Laiho, Singer/Guitarist from Death Metal outfit Children of Bodom

was first trained as a classical violinist at age 5. The More You Know

He also plays guitar in this Finnish punk band, Kylahullut

My favorite dance song, it's actually a cover of an older, also great song; look it up!

Always been a fan of psychedelia, especially Jefferson Airplane; here's something I found on SongPop

Comedian Bill Hicks took his mom to see this guitarist,

according to an interview between Letterman and said mom. The More You Know.

My favorite song from Foster the People's CD, which I also own. Soothing love song.

But I don't believe in going out on a slow song,

so here's an awesome live performance of my favorite song from the AWOLNATION CD from last year!

Hope there was something for everyone in there; aside from Cascada and The Wallflowers, I tried to make it songs not many people have heard, so you can discover some new stuff.

Now, I realize this is basically a Tunes Tuesday blog, and there are no cat gifs. Do I care?

Grumpy Cat Celebrates WTF Wednesdays By Giving NO Fucks.




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