Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Things Thursday: Disregard the Opposite Sex, Acquire Currency Day How Yesterday's Good News Affects My Valentines Feb 14, 2013 5:39AM PST

So, after a month of no work, I now go in on Tuesday for 17 hours and have been confirmed for the day after as well. Waiting to know what times I go in, most likely 7am Tuesday, not sure for Wednesday. So I'll definitely have to can Tuesday's BaD, probably Wednesday's too, but Tunes Tuesday and WTF Wednesday are not hard to make, so look forward to music videos and stupid, overused memes those days, like the following.
Today, I'll just be photocopying my documents to send to the Comptroller and get that missing check I found online at claimittexas.org, so more money there as well; I'll also be getting my brother to work in Arlington (I'm in DeSoto, long-ish drive), as I fell asleep before he asked me to drive him last night. I was up 24+ hours cause of finding out I had to drive him yesterday, so there's gas money gone! But I can't complain, it's cause he was in an accident a couple months ago, and his friend is still fixing his truck. I might ask him if he can find someone closer to give him a ride, but he's usually good about trying before he asks us, so we'll see. Again, I can't complaim, there's a legitimate reason and it's for family. Plus, that long amount of wake time yesterday, then crashing at 8pm, has helped turn my schedule around, which I'll need for Tuesday! <--- Why I didn't comment all your blogs yesterday, made rounds this AM.
I also need to pick up some stuff from Kroger my mom didn't get yesterday, so she gave me the receipt and told me customer service would know what I was talking about. Not sure if that's true, cause it depends on who's working customer service unless they left a note (and having worked and operated desks before, crap gets lost in the shuffle due to incompetent people sometimes), but it's only two items, so I'll suffer the couple minutes it takes to explain, if not. It has who checked her out at what time on there, so hopefully not too big a deal.
I'll have to find some time to bench today as well, gotta get in shape for next Valentine's, y'know? Cool
Some things I want 1up to implement
1. Proper Notifications for New Blogs and Blog Comments
I get a little red circle with a 1 to tell me if I have a message or friend request, I'd like to have one for comments on my blogs/when friends post new blogs, replies to me and such. I try to get back to everyone who comments me and read as many friend's blogs as I can, it would be nice not to keep having to go back to my blogs tab to do it every time, and just have it neatly in the top-right, like messages and friend requests.
And yes, I'd say it's reasonable to have an option to shut it off, or maybe tell it to only notify you on your blog's comments, etc., but I just get tired of going back and forth all the time, and e-mail notifications for comments are just asking for spam, which I already have to clean across three e-mail accounts, frequently!
2. Having A Button At The Bottom Of Blogs That Let's You Comment Them
I actually do read or at least try to skim people's blogs, and I can't tell you how many times I've got to the bottom, ready to comment, only to remember I was on a friend's public page as opposed to the blog itslef, have to scroll back up, click, wait for the blog link to load, only to scroll down again.
Just let me click a simply button at the bottom of the blog, and also let that button bring me down to where I'm commenting, as opposed to scrolling through 45+ comments (unusual, but it happens ... smashbro) just to leave mine. Replies are fine as they are, though.
3. I Had Something Else, But I'm Drawing Blanks
I'll think of it. Leave a comment about what you want 1up to implement or what you think of my ideas, and maybe I'll remember!
And Finally, Some Valentines
I know my meme idea didn't take off last blog, and I agree with one of the comments that not all of them are funny (see: above), and that's also due to the amount of fucks you could all give about the idea of commenting with memes, but since it's Valentine's, I thought it would be appropriate to post some funny Valentines, some of them memes. So here:

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