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WTF Wednesday: My Not-So-BaD Mardis Gras With Memes! Feb 13, 2013 1:23AM PST

For those of you that don't know, I have a strange superstition about the number three. No, I'm not Wiccan or anything, I just have a strange superstition regarding that number, and the role it seems to play in my life, both negative and positive.

You might also know that I turn 23 this year on March 23, and it's 2013. Still planning on scaring myself with that Jim Carey movie, The Number 23. I actually remember liking it, not cause it was scary, but I imagine after I drag everyone to Grimaldi's Pizzeria to celebrate, the healthiest thing to do is make my superstition seem like a real and ominous thing.

Well, yesterday was February 12, 2013, not the 13th (as today, Ash Wednesday for Catholics, is), but it was Mardis Gras, and I did notice that three good things happened yesterday. Hopefully, today is good too, or at least nuetral. That 13 bothers me lol.

1. Finding Out My Old Job Owed Me $$

A friend on facebook posted a story from Fox News 26 in Houston, TX's Facebook page, about how they found all this cash that needed to be claimed for Texas citizens on claimittexas.org.


Benjamin Franklin: Skateboarding Enthusiast

Source: Tony Hawk

Well, turns out, I had a decent amount owed me from a place I worked a few years ago. This is probably the biggest huzzah of yesterday. Supposedly, it will take 15-20 business days to get to me by mail, after I send copies of my stuff.

Which I'm actually not sure I need to do, cause it sounded more like they were having me print out my info for my own records. Well, regardless, I'll be calling the toll-free number in the morning about where to go from here.

How I Imagine Some Of You Feel


How I Feel

2. An Amazing Concert Was Announced With Three Artists I Like

Also on Facebook, I found out something I'm very excited for that, given what I've gathered about this site and its tastes over the years (not judging, in high school and on here, I used to be the guy to whom all but metal and rock was an inferior form of song and dance), probably none of you care about, and will give me dirty looks for looking forward to.

Hell, if this place has stayed anything like it was years ago, you're all already judging me for spending time on Facebook, but I don't care. This is amazing news for me.


He'd catch a grenade for ya.

But he has tons of security around him, just in case you're not that cute.

Now while he's the headliner, that's not what I'm most excited about. I do like his music, especially "Locked Out Of Heaven," but that's not why I'm most excited.


This WAS an Incredible Performance, Though

I'm also not that excited because of Ellie Goulding, who had one of my favorite songs of last year in "Lights."


Best Song About E.T. Ever

No, I'm most excited for the band with the lowest spot on the ticket. A band I discovered on Conan a couple years ago, and whose CD was a birthday gift last year.


Yeah Former Employer I'm Hesitant To Name On Here For Privacy Reasons

Gimme My Money!

Fitz and the Tantrums, like Black Keys and Alabama Shakes, have brought a classic sound to new music, and it is to me better than those two bands (which I love, especially Black Keys, don't get me wrong), yet has not gotten the same attention, from the radio or the music awards crowd, to my knowledge.

But, they make three bands in this lineup, and they are amazing live, so I'm very glad they'll be bringing a bit of the 60s with a modern edge to Dallas with them, this summer.


3. I weighed in at 193.8 pounds

Far from the 218 pounds of pudge from last December, I weighed in at 193.8 this afternoon. This could easily change, since I hadn't eaten all day at that point, and squatted and ran prior, but my weight loss coach app asked me to weigh in, so I did, and that's what the scale read.

We'll see how true that is here in a few days, but it made me feel good, and there was that number three again! Yes, I know, it's a dumb superstition, and to be honest, I don't really believe in it as much as I'm letting on, but it's a dumb, fun, Nostradamus-y thing to freak myself out with, so let me have it.

Speaking of weight loss though, I have moved my lifting schedule around to Deadlift Sunday, Squat Tuesday, and Bench Thursday, so that it goes in descending order of suckitude for me, as opposed to the opposite, which is what I used to do, and why I skpped Thursdays in the past. I think dealing with the lift that gives me blisters early in the week should work much better.


Was He The Heart Attack Grill Guy That Died of A Heart Attack Yesterday?

Nope, that guy was 180 lbs. Their Former Spokesperson Died of Pneumonia.

The Pnuemonia Guy Was 575 lbs.....


Now, A Memes Challenge

So, some of you might have noticed that in a few of the comments I've been posting, and in this blog, I've used memes. I was trying to see if there was a meme for any occassion. Turns out, there basically is. I love 'em, my alma mater even has a facebook page dedicated to them.

So, my challenge to you is to incorporate a meme somewhere in your comment, at least on this post, and on BaD weekdays, I'll attempt to do the same, with at least one meme somewhere in everything I type.

Obviously, I can't force you to, but no one can force you to do BaD, and a lot of you are doing it anyway for fun. I think this might add a bit of fun to the fun. Here to comment on the matter is fun.


And since that wasn't funny at all, especially since I don't know their names, here's grumpy cat.




Memes Away, 1up!

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