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My website is up and late Superbowl afterthoughts Feb 09, 2011 8:28AM PST

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Supah Bowl
Saw the last half, glad the Packers won because:
Family Connections
So thanks to the Packers winning, my aunt got a wives Superbowl ring. My aunt and uncle are somehow on the board for the team (I know how, but it's fairly long and maybe hard to explain completely and not crucial to this blog), she's not married to a player but they are on the board so she still gets a ring.  So I was glad they won. Just an aside, because of these connections, we were given a private tour of Lambeau Field, and at least back then that involved the most delicious American food I've ever tasted.
Secondly, my older brother usually works at Cowboys stadium anyway, but signed up through the NFL to work the Superbowl as well. Basically, a win-win for family. And yes, most of my family is in/from the Cheesehead state, and my immediate family is currently in Dallas. I remember my grandpa calling the Cowboys (or at least Jerry Jones) cheaters because the old stadium had a raise in the middle of the turf making it difficult to throw to receivers accurately. I do wonder how he'd feel about the millions of dollars worth jumbotron in there now.
Christina Aguilera flub
I don't give a shit that she missed a line, I'm sure she's done other venues and got it right before. The second most popular Google search in the world that day was the lyrics to the anthem, and I guarantee you it's because many of the people "outraged" over the mistake wanted to make sure they were "outraged." All I want is for one person just to sing it straight, without the gigantic changes b/t notes.
Black Eyed Peas' Halftime Show
As someone who likes pop music from time to time, but is not at all a Black Eyed Peas' fan, I was actually kind of surprised that an ESPN poll showed the entire country giving them an F: I find their music mediocre but fun at best ("Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night") and abysmal at worst ("My Humps"), yet I'd give them a C for sounding pretty close, I thought, to their recorded sound.
Then again, this may simply be due to the distraction of "OMG I want those friggin' Tron suits!" Seriously, say what you will about the sound, but I thought that Neon Light People show aspect was awesome.
As for the cameos, Slash was wasted, and Fergie somehow managed to cover a song originally sung by a guy who sounds like a girl as a girl with a too-guyish voice. Overall, I wasn't as repulsed by her voice as most people I've talked to, but she should stick to pop songs. Usher is a good dancer, but I wasn't impressed by his white suit and quick feet. I basically just wanted the light show back.
The most akward part was the guy who isn't Will.I.Am. or Fergie rapping, because... well, who the hell is he?
So yeah, grade C for competency, but mostly I didn't care about the music and I just really liked when the people made the green Tron arrows. The horn section was good too.
I'm not going to post videos here, 1up is slow enough as it is, but you can go to Youtube Ad Blitz if you want to find out what I'm talking about.
My favorite was the Bridgestone commercial where the beaver was saved by the driver then the beaver saved the driver. It was just great.
Other comedic favorites included remodeling the kitchen with Bud Light, the pug hitting the guy (even though you saw that coming), and the Doritos commercial where the grandpa was brought back to life.I also thought the ad from Chrysler or whoever with the red headed teacher woman was creative. Snickers with Roseanne getting hit with a log and Ozzy wondering what a Beiber is also enjoyable. And of course, the Darth Vader ad was cute.
On the serious side, I liked the Eminem Detroit ad, even if it seemed kind of odd. I also liked the CG black beetle ad for VW and that's really about all I can remember of the non-funny ones.
I also dug the previews for Thor and Captain America, though I still think CA will look a bit goofy on silver screen.
Least favorite commercials were the one for Terra Nova (Speilberg/dinos+ I don't care about a TV Jurassic Park) and Limitless, which made the false claim we only use 20% of our brains. We use 100%, and it's a misquote from Einstein that led to this misunderstanding. That dumb line alone made me not look forward to it.
In Other News
  • I'm listening to the Adam Carolla Podcast w/ Kevin Smith and I can't wait to see his new movie Red State
  • I will be starting to post my reactions to Jeremy Parish's Farewell to DS series, so stay tuned.
  • Hell, I might even go crazy and release a special blog, who knows what that could be? ;)
  • Now that I know how to use iWeb and Transmit, I might build more websites.
  • Leave comments and thumbs below, and if you don't give a damn about what I said here, I'm always open to blog ideas.

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