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Merry Christmas! Dec 24, 2010 2:38PM PST

and happy holidays elsewise! Happy new year and all that.
Well, I already know what I'm getting considering we shopped for it on the 23rd. It's Sonic Colors for DS. Getting it was a hassle, because they didn't have it actually stocked on the Gamestop shelves so we had to ask if they had it behind the counter which they luckily did! ... And I put the Phoenix Wright game back cause that was what I had in case they didn't.
I felt bad for this parent who was looking for a DS game for their kids, though, cause I wasn't much help. They didn't give her the title of what she wanted, so all I could say was "ummm... there's new Pokemon games out?"I told her what I was looking for too, cause let's face it I probably have the same taste in DS games as her kids do (never thought of it until now, but I'd forgive you for thinking I'm less than 20 based on this blog) but I don't think that did much good either since I was thinking they were out of stock still.
In other news, Tron: Legacy is the first movie I've seen that I would deem worthy of seeing in 3D, and yes I saw Avatar (which was boring and preachy even if I agree with James Cameron in a few regards, and those fruity-colored flying things weren't as fun to watch as everyone said they were). It's light on story sure, but the Daft Punk soundtrack works (though at certain points it could have stopped with the Hanz Zimmer moodiness it had going, particularly towards the end), the visuals are amazing, Olivia Wilde is hot, and Jeff Bridges is a zen master in the thing. Having seen the original, I can safely say it's pretty much the same story arc from that movie (someone needs something out of a computer, physically goes into it and realizes there's a virtual dictatorship that runs the computer, then you can pretty much guess what happens) but with better graphics.
As for the 3D itself, I usually say I prefer gimmicky 3D because it IS a gimmick to begin with, so what exactly is the point of subtlety when it's used? Well, apparently it's to enhance the atmosphere of the Grid rather effectively. That being said, it can easily be enjoyed just as well in 2D so if you're skeptical it's not like it sucks without 3D, it just adds a layer of grandiose to it and made me want to watch it again in an IMAX theater the second time around.
Here are some +/- factors for the movie
+ Jeff Bridges essentially playing himself with emphasis on the character's "zen" approach to life adds fun to the movie
- The new guy is not Jeff Bridges, and instead of the original's cocky young Jeff Bridges, he's more the uncertain hero that's been popular lately
- Of course, that's probably because the movie is just more moody than it needs to be. I loved it, but that doesn't mean I was able to take it near as seriously as whoever produced it apparently did.
+ The games are awesome, especially the light cycle race.
+ Michael Sheen playing David Bo.... I mean Castor
+ No really, Daft Punk is awesome
- No really, the Inception-like parts of the soundtrack are really out of place in a few scenes.
+ Excellent atmospheric 3D
- Even still, there are some parts I'd like it a bit more gimmicky
+ I didn't think young Jeff Bridges, which many are calling "Uncanney Valley" was all that creepy.
+ Story does what it needs to, has some digs at current technology, and feels very 80s
Overall, I'd give the movie an 8.0. Not the greatest story ever told, but definitely a really fun experience.
So what games/movies/books are you looking forward to and what's on your Christmas list?

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