Monday, February 25, 2013

I promoted May 15, 2011 10:37PM PST

now waiting on my grades for the Spring semester. That is where I've been the past few weeks: work/school.
Thinking of buying a 3DS.
Impressions of 3DS with Street Fighter IV at a kiosk in a Nacogdoches,TX Gamestop:
You definitely have to get it at the right angle. For a while I was tilting myself, since I assumed the kiosk was unmovable, until of course the store clerk came by and said "Can I make a suggestion?" then pulled it off the kiosk revealing a short cable attached to the 3DS. I still feel a less douchey way of telling me this would have been simply saying "you can pull that off the kiosk, it's not stuck to it like EVERY OTHER PORTABLE SYSTEM YOU'VE EVER SEEN AT A RETAIL STORE" (seriously, I've definitely looked like an idiot trying to get GameBoys and DSs off these things at Wal-Marts, now I look like an idiot for NOT trying to get it off; I think Nintendo's just fucking with me).
Anyway, the 3DS screens are about the size of my original DS at least from memory, maybe slightly bigger. Not quite as excited for the Netflix functionality now.
The 3D effect for SFIV basically shoves the setting further into the background, but it also makes the character models seem smaller to me. It is cool, but maybe not $250 cool.
The game itself is a prettier SFII. Not a bad thing, not a great thing. I played in normal, not dynamic view, which is a feature offered that puts your character at the edge of the screen and your POV directly towards the opponent. Maybe I'd have dug the 3D more this way, I dunno.
Of course, these are all first impressions, so if you have a 3DS or at least played with one for more than the one match I played as Ryu against Sagat, tell me about it.
That's all for now.

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