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Arkansas, Wreck-it Ralph, Bacon The Real South and How To Deal with It Oct 29, 2012 11:42AM PST

So on another random road trip, I went with the girlfriend to Conway to visit her friends from Hendrix and UCA, which she attended for her still-going undergrad.
While we were there, I remembered how different the true, southern, rural part of America can be from large cities. Also, on our way back, we visited Clinton's birthplace, which is a "national park" located next to an Atwoods, which is, I'm guessing, a department store, and a couple dilapitaded homes with a Romney/Ryan sign on their lawn.
So not the most impressive general location, but the house itself was interesting, and the tour guides were knowledgable and well-spoken, friendly people.
Also of note: everything in the house was a replica except for a childhood book, called, wait for it... "The Kitten's Surprise." That made me laugh out loud. For those of you that don't get why, think of Clinton's reputation and an alternate term for kitten, and I think you'll get it.
Another plus was, in Conway, there's a Mexican restaurant called El Parian that serves a plate with a taco, rice, and an enchilada called the "Speedy Gonzales" that gets out in like 2 seconds and is less than $5.
Other than that, we just hung around with her friends and their cats in the apartment watching movies and eating pasta when they were off work from the evil Wal-Mart, which is headquartered in Arkansas, and at least the store they work at is extremly unfriendly to them thar' womens and gay folk, apparently; not a great set up, considering my girlfriend's two friends in the apartment fit those exact categories, and she herself had to work there and is bisexual. Yikes. I still shop there though, even though I generally prefer Target.
Also, I know I brought it up, and if you want to comment on the politics of Wal Mart or if you disagree, I'm good with that, just note that I'm talking about one specific area/store in the south, and not making a general statement about either the chain or the southern part of the U.S. Don't turn my comments section into a trolling shitstorm because of some offhand thing I mentioned about how my friends' sex and sexuality affects their treatment in some places, and we'll all be friends.
Anyway, Wreck-it Ralph this weekend and I've got a hesitant excitement going. Hesitant, because there are still only a handful of reviews out on rottentomatoes, and 1up's review seemed pretty middling. Also, Sara Silverman's part in the trailers looks like it might annoy me a bit. Either way, it's my last hurrah at freedom before my job training Saturday, so I'm definitely seeing it.
Also, I had microwaved bacon, scrambled eggs and a miniature bagel this morning. You're welcome. Figured I'd let you know since I'm turning my blog into a long-form Twitter account letting you know how my personal life is going. I promise I'll get back to games when things settle down, I've just had a lot of random road trip opportunities that haven't cost me much, so I took them.
While I was writing this, my phone rang with a call from Silverdale, WA. They're the Liberty PAC and they'd like you all to know that Obama is a rampant serial killer and rapist that aborts kitten foetuses. I mean I voted third party cause of my disagreements with the guy, but I wasn't aware he was that bad in those specific ways. Just thought I'd pass along the important message. This 30-year election cycle just needs to fucking end already.
Oh, and, I'm going to an Alanis Morissette concert tonight with the girlfriend.
I'm not that familiar or excited with her openers, which include:
Adam Lambert from Idol (around the time I stopped watching, and I only ever watched the first few episodes for the bad singers)
Gavin DeGraw who I vaguely know is a country singer and .... I was copmpletely wrong on that, he's actually the guy who made the One Tree Hill song that I'm a fan of. Never really liked the show, cause y'know I'm straight and have male genitals, but the song was good and every time I hacked my old boss's facebook account to change his status, it often had a reference to him watching the show and crying like a little girl, so good times. Not as big a fan of his new song, but whatever, it's like 4 minutes long, no big deal
Phillip Phillips who my girlfriend tells me came in second to Lambert, and is the author of a song on one of her mix CDs I described as "if Mumford and Sons were country" and listening to it now the "oh ah ah oh ah ah ah part reminds me of that Imagine Dragons song tied in with Perks of Being a Wallflower. So, actually his one song I know is pretty good
Forever the Sickest Kids is a local Dallas band that isn't even listed on Verizon theatre's site cause they were announced late. I have only heard their name, and not much else. Listened to Whoah-Oh on Youtube, and it sounds like the pop-punk stuff I'd listen to in middle school. Not bad, but kind of generic and not my thing anymore, though I do still break out the old Blink, Green Day and Sum 41 albums when I'm in the mood.
But I do love me some "Ironic" and "Head Over Feet" so I'm looking forward to it.
Lemme know how you're doing in the comments.

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