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BaD Tunes Tuesday: Game On Remix BaD 12: Videogame Remixes Feb 11, 2013 10:26PM PST

We all love chip-tuney goodness for its nostalgic value and because it's been the format used in iconic videogame music. I absolutely love hearing Super Mario Bros. in its original format, cause no matter how well a guy can pound it out on the piano, it doesn't bring back memories like the bleeps and bloops can.

To hell with that noise, here are some awesome remixes of videogame songs using instruments that appear in popular music.

Wiley's Got Robot Pterodactyls? Everyone Knows They Can Only Be Killed With the Screech of a Guitar!!

Mega Man's name in Japan is Rockman for a reason. That reason being that the music in ElecMan's stage in the original game is a chip-tune version of Journey's "Faithfully."

Well, let's not get all tied up in ethics, and copyright laws, and who stole whose song like P. Diddy at a Sting reunion, and instead focus on the glory of the amazing Mega Man 2 soundtrack in the style its producers probably had in mind while composing: Rock and/or Roll.

Fun Fact: I Used To Know How To Play This; Too Bad It's a ProTab, And My Free Trial Ended

I know this is a lot of Mega Man, but honestly he might be the videogame character people most associate with the music in his game. I'm actually not nearly as big a fan of MM3's music overall, but I love this intro. Makes me want to light a fire on the seat of my pants and see how fast I can run.

I'll Come Clean, I Just Posted This So You'd Feel Bad About Your Inferior Music Skills

Here's one Fur Elise, errr.... for Alice-in-Games. Cool

I love the music in the original chip-tune form, cause it makes you want to hunt down vampires. However, if it's creepy, atmospheric vibe you want, and I think a lot of Castlevania fans just might, I find this piece played on piano to be both haunting and beautiful. It's been redone in several Castlevanias with electric guitars, orchestras and such, but it really is a most excellent fit for a single piano, im my humble opinion.

And now, for some of my favorite videogame songs that weren't chip-tuney to begin with.

Monday Night Football Is On, I Take It?

This is probably my favorite original videogame song, because it wouldn't sound out of place in a Steven Spielberg movie, perfectly capturing that cinematic feel games started going for more and more after the original MGS released on the Playstation.

Apparently, I'm not the only one that likes it, as I've heard it in the breaks of various broadcast sports, and on a couple ads here and there, I think. I can't blame them, it's a great song, and there's something inspirational about the way it builds up, gets quiet, then swells at the end with that sweeping climax.

Come Ganondorf, We Must Dance the Flamenco!

Those of you who know me know there are two things in music I absolutely love hearing in music for the most part, and that's guitar and horns. This has both!

Ocarina of Time has great music in general, but while I usually hate desert levels ... well, actually that never changed, but it was a hell of a lot more bearable with that soothing, yet catchy guitar adding one hell of an atmosphere.

I actually know how to play this one on guitar, too. Sadly, I only have an electric, and even with only the "clean" setting on my amplifier, it's just not the same.

What Enya Listens To When She Needs Something Fast-Paced and Exciting

If there's one thing Metroid music has always been, it's atmospheric, and even if I'm not looking at the beautiful snow-covered fields of Phendrana Drifts, this song makes me feel trapped in a quiet, frozen tundra in the best way possible.

The even better news is that I actually like ice levels!

Moving forward, let's hear some of the best videogame-inspired music.

PETA's Nightmares Make for Great Cartoon Theme Songs

Don't argue with me, you know you all think it's catchy.

Oh, and as someone who was a child in the 90s, I also remember this M2M song about I think abstinence that was used to promote the movie, which sends mixed messages about violence.

Well, Hanson's Still Going, Maybe They Are, Too?

And yes, there's a lot of Mega Man in this blog, but you haven't lived until you've seen this amazing fan made video for Mega Man-inspired rock opera-ers, The Protomen.

You Will Be in Awe the Power of a Singing Robot Man

And now, for songs that sound best in their original format to me.

I Don't Care What Sonic Team Says Now, It's Dr. Robotnik, dammit

The remix to this for Sonic Generations sounds roughly the same anyway, why not go with the classic glory?

Same with this

After All, It Goes With Everything

And finally, this is how I bring my Reagan loving father immense shame to our family.

In My Head: The Great Mighty Poo Song from Conker's Bad Fur Day. Thanks, 1up.

Never Played It, Now Can't Get That Image Out

What are some of your favorites, be they chip-tune originals, remixes, orchestrated originals, or just songs that were inspired by games?







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