Monday, February 25, 2013

BaD Session 1 Without the Depressing Cat Talk More game show-ish stuff Feb 02, 2013 6:59AM PST

So since yesterday for me was mostly about having to run errands of a certain nature, I started out my blog talking about it. I tried to put a couple jokes in there to lighten the mood, but I didn't mean to make everyone sad, just thought I'd talk about my day.

So I figured I'd post up this blog that only has the rest of that blog, i.e. the parts with nothing depressing in them.

I still want to see Les Mis as well as Zero Dark Thirty, Bullet to the Head, and Warm Bodies.

Anyway, now for my Friday blog idea: since I play guitar, every Friday I'll post on here some short soundcloud embeddings of me playing ariff (or, if I care to, possibly solo or solo section... not happening today though, a bit drained) from a favorite song of mine. I'll title the clips generically, and you guys guess what the song and band name for each riff I post might be. Could be my horrible playing or that you just don't know the song, but I thought it'd be cool to add a faux game show element to my riffing.

Each week, I'll have a few riffs posted up and if you know that say, a track I titled "Song Dos" is actually a riff from Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" then tell me so and I'll tell you if you're wrong or right. If wrong, I'll just say guess again. If you're right I'll tell you so and give you some info about why I like the song.

WARNING: My Dell D620 doesn't like Soundcloud and skips and spikes the audio, DO NOT listen to these full blast in headphones, they're not even well done (it has been a WHILE since I picked up a guitar, plus I'm drained as hell and exhausted from having been up all day and they're pretty much takes from having just looked up the notes; i.e. mistakes ahoy!)

So, here's this week's TGI Riffs, with mistakes and terrible sound quality! (makes it slightly harder to guess that way):

Fairly easy I think, but who knows. Oh, and I take requests for each week, so feel free. That way, I might actually practice the songs so they don't y'know, sound like these tracks.

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