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Top Ten Films in 2010 Jan 08, 2011 11:17PM PST

10 Despicable Me

This is on my top ten list because it was just so damn entertaining. It wasn't as impressive as Toy Story 3, but its sickeningly sweet plot, Steve Carrel's excellent voiceover work in which you took the actor out of the equation and only saw the character, and its more light-hearted approach made it in parts more fun than Toy Story 3. I highly recommend at least a rental if you like goofy comedies.

9. Toy Story 3

Another 3D animation movie on my list, Toy Story 3 was just way too visually stunning to ignore (and I saw it in 2D). Case in point: the pink teddy bear that runs the toy world in the orphanage, his detail is incredible.The story itself was also told greatly, taking a pretty dark turn close to the end.

I did have issues with some of the jokes not working, and some of Andy's emotional reactions to his toys being unrealistic to me given his age in the movie. Still, easily one of the best in 2010 for me and definitely one of the best reviewed.

8. The Other Guys

I'm growing tired of Will Farrell's shtick in some movies, but Mark Wahlberg playing off him makes this film really, really funny.

I had a few issues like Sam Jackson and Rock's characters' being more obnoxious than fun to watch (and I get that they were supposed to be, but one of the best parts of the movie for me is still when they jump into pavement), and a few of the jokes get way too repetitive. Despite those minor issues, I still loved Marky Mark's hidden talent, Eva Mendes' hotness, the overall fun of the movie, and a surprising bit of politics in the end credits?

I realize it's not technically as "good" a movie as others on the list (whatever that means) but it is one of the most entertaining released in 2010 I think.

7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1

I don't know if I enjoy these more or less because I only read the books once and don't remember some of the arguments people have against these film's accuracy, but I definitely enjoyed this a lot more than previous Harry Potters.

As many have pointed out, it is fairly slow in some places and the ending is a giant cocktease (though I'm not sure how valid that criticism can be in a Part 1 which is basically telling you what's up) but the movie is dark and entertaining. Sure, the obvious Nazi overtones were overdone, but they were like that in the book too.

At any rate, I can't wait for Part 2, especially because the trailer I put here shows a lot more action than was in Part 1.

6. Inception

Like everyone else and their mother, I was impressed with the concept of Inception and captivated by its ambiguous (kind of) plot and stunning visuals. Like critics, I also saw that it was essentially a heist movie with fairly standard action sequences (hallway fight notwithstanding) and one that might have used some more "dreamy" settings rather than very real-world feeling locales set in dreams.

However, that criticism is nowhere near good enough to keep this off my top ten list, as it's still by far one of the better movies of the year whether the concept was fully playe out ot not. I didn't gush over it quite as much as most, given its position at number 6, but still a great film.

5. Batman: Under the Red Hood

Despite not being the best movie I saw in 2010, it was certainly the most pleasant surprise. I still find live action action sequences much more compelling than cartoon ones, and some of the more comic-booky explanations for things had a tendency to take me out of the mostly darkly toned story a bit, but those are trifling complaints here.

I'm not sure I buy this could "only be properly portrayed as a cartoon," but it certainly is a compelling cartoon. The dark explanation for exactly why Batman doesn't kill, the not-Mark-Hammil Joker, and the excellent and interesting titular character all made this one of the best rentals I've ever got.

4. Black Swan

More interesting than enjoyable per se, this is still one of the most captivating films released in 2010. The look at the competitive world of ballet, a psychotic 20-something female, the role of sexuality in performance and the music all made this intriguing despite its more squeamish parts.

Its ending may make some scoff at its weirdness, some at its predictability, but in a way it's still the "perfect" way to end such a movie. Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis are both great, and the camera is often very close to Portman's head, indicating that this story is told from her untrustworthy viewpoint. Congratulations Darren Aaronofsky on this wide opening.

3. Tron: Legacy

Despite its minimal story, I found its hints at an alternate philosophy pretty interesting. Of course, it helped a great deal that the world of Tron:Legacy itself was so magnificent, and its music so fitting... and that seeing it in IMAX 3D the second time elevated it to an experience.

I know a lot of people have criticized the movie for being kind of empty aside from its visuals, but I actually found it a great nod to fans of the original (which I saw on youtube before seeing it) and I thought its minimal plot and dialogue were just what the doctor ordered for this excellently shot and scored movie.

Definitely not one to let snobby critics cheat you out of.

2. True Grit

This movie, starring Jeff Bridges in a less Dude-ish zen role than in Tron, and more a hardass from the old west you can almost smell from the screen in Rooster Cogburn. Also featured are a cocky teenage girl with pigtails  and Matt Damon as a Texas Ranger refferred to as "La Beef," whether or not the actual pronunciation might be different. Between the three of them is by far the best acting in any 2010 film.

A lot of people have pointed to the Coens Brothers' feel of the film, but what I saw was a novel brought to life much more than any "quirkiness" from the Coen Brothers, and I think many crediting the plot, dialogue, and characters to the Coens might not be giving enough credit to the novel. I could be wrong as I haven't read the novels, and no matter how close it is the Coens still made a great movie, and really the important thing is just how well-executed it is. All I'm saying is it fely very much like the story of a novel, which it is.

This film is for lack of a better word, truly gritty, truly funny, truly well-acted and truly great. I was not too big a fan of No Country for Old Men, but this is a must-see for me.

1. Kick-Ass

Despite only catching it on DVD well after it was out of theaters, this is by far the most fun I had with a movie this year, and that earns it the top spot on my list easily.This is what I wanted Scott Pilgrim to be in the sense of a purely nonsense, purely entertaining film.

First, Aaron Johnson plays a role typically reserved for Michael Cera with much more charm than Michael Cera ever could. He actually has ambition and emotion in his voice, you root for his dumb optimism, even though you know something terrible is going to happen to him.

Even better is Hit Girl and Nickolas Cage as Big Daddy. Hit Girl provides by far the most badass thrills in the movie, Nick Cage is excellent as the akward, revenge-obsessed father, and the mafia bad guys are definitely fun assholes to watch.

The film is incredibly violent, incredibly funny, and incredibly fantastic in every regard. It even looks like a group of real masked vigilantes in Chicago in real life have been heavily influenced by it.

I don't care how much of a jackass people might think I am for giving this a number 1 spot or how many 11 year old girls that signed contracts (or their parents did) it "exploits," it is by far the most badass thing to come out of 2010.



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