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Spring Break and Days 9-11 of Game-A-Day Challenge Mar 11, 2011 8:03PM PST

I'm on Spring Break. Thank effin Lord. Now I can ... prepare for the shitstorm of work waiting for me when I go back. Gravy.

Saddest Scene

Well, really I was just crying to myself and for the parrot for being subjected to this version of torture porn, but it's definitely the saddest effin' thing I've ever seen in a videogame.

Serious face: I'm being snarky when truly I just chose this clip as the only melodramatic one I remember from a videogame. I actually thought the parrot died for some reason, but I guess my memory is shaky.

I don't get sad at videogames. Anger, happiness, and not really an emotion but dull addiction are much more common for me.

Best Gameplay

Again, I'm sure if I was more aware of more games, or had a better memory, then there'd be something else in this slot, but this game was just SO. FAMN. FUN.

I love games that are quickly paced and easily replayable. Sure, there over too soon, but they're still extremely fun later on. I might be alone on this, but overall, I prefer the very linear original to its more character-switchy sequels. I just dig the hell out of platformers, and even the story was fun to watch unfold.

This is also one of my favorite boss battles ever featured above, and I was really into cel shading at the time after being pleasantly suprised Zelda could work with it.

This game just has (or had) so much going for it, I have to place it here, at least based on my own limited memory of console games.

Gaming System of Choice

[Ed: I don't care about ACGN vs. Irate Gamer, this is just the first thing that popped up on Youtube. And the only game of these I own is PoR, though I wish I'd gotten Contra IV]

Well, it's the only new-gen system I own so at this point it HAS to be my gaming system of choice. I was a huge Nintendo fanboy, and while this purchase was based on economics, I still kind of am (though PS2 definitely was the best of last gen in the end).

Games I own for it:

Brain Academy (not a game really, yet fun and addicting)

Zelda Spirit Tracks (defeated Bryne, on 30th floor of main temple, so very close to beating/probably will beat it over spring break)

Castlevania: Order of Ecclessia (bitching hard, sometimes unfair, but gorgeous and addicting; I SHOULD be past Albus atm since I technically beat him but that's where the unfairness comes in)

Elite Beat Agents (the most DS-y game I own and maybe the most fun, if a bit short)

Metroid Fusion (I actually dug the story unlike most, although maybe I'm just biased cause I often played this when I had no idea where the hell to go in Prime - I was ten and never played a Metroid before; not Other M's though; this one gave Samus an ugly suit, but left the character alone)

Metroid: Zero Mission (great but disappointingly short, and bosses are just missile absorbers; still great but not as much as its hype)

Spider-Man 2: A launch title that is very average, does not let you swing free like Spider-Man should (it's a very closed-in platformer) but I still thought it was pretty fun despite very negative reviews. In retrospect, I do see how very, very average it is though.

Sonic Colors: My Christmas gift for 2010 along with a hoody and some cash. Very fun, but also very short. I am still working on getting all S rankings (missions are a bitch)

Korg DS: I still haven't entirely figured out how to use it, but it is an awesome non-game app

Games I still want for it:

Hotel Dusk, Kirby's Epic Yarn, The World Ends With You, Ghost Trick, and Contra IV



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