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Halloween and Wreck-It Ralph Review Scooby Snacks are mostly booze. Wreck-It Raplh is mostly Sugar. Nov 02, 2012 6:10PM PST

Hope everyone had a good Halloween. My girlfriend dressed as Hipster Alice in Wonderland (blue Alice costume plus thick black glasses, army tie), her friend is a belly dancer (as in she works with a national co. and it's her profession) and went as "Belly Dancer Poison Ivy," and I was Shaggy.
They put tons of work in their costumes, I literally thought of mine same day because a former boss and her coworkers went as the Scooby gang and I thought the costume would be simple. An old brown pair of my girlfriend's Wal Mart pants, a green shirt from the local thrift store, and a Special K cereal box labeled "Scooby Snacks" later, I was right. The most work I put in was box relabeling and the scooby snack nutrition facts: 25% Scoob meat, 25% Ketamine, 50% strawberries and 100% nutrition.
We first went to Chipotle, which had "booritos" for $2 if you were in costume. We each had their bowl option, which was pretty damn nice for $2. Even got our picture taken by an employee there for the website... which I have not seen on the website yet. Hopefully, wasn't just a dude being creepy. I don't think so. Honestly, if it never ends up online, I'm cool with that. Much as I love memes, not sure how I'd feel if I became one. I'd show you guys pictures, but they're all on my gf's phone and she is sick at the moment with allergies.
After Chipotle, we went to a theater with a bar in it that turned out to be a bust, but then went to a dive bar called the goat. The Goat was awesome. The bartender we had was dressed as Dexter, his fellow female bartender was his victim wrapped in seran wrap, and they had cheap drinks, a special "bloodshot" for $4 was the first thing we all ordered, and way later a guy in a doctor costume bought us all another. I was driving so after my two bloodshots, jack n' coke, jim beam n' dr. pepper, and two baileys on the rocks I called it quits and had a couple waters.
There was karaoke and a midnight costume contest, too. None of us won, but I consider seeing a bald white man dressed as Psy singing "Welcome to the Jungle" a win in itself.
Once everyone sobered up around midnight the next day, we caught a late screening of Wreck-It Ralph.
I went in hoping Silverman's part would be small, but actually it takes up a large chunk of movie... and I loved it. As a matter of fact, I was glad they got all their references out in the first few minutes, and focused on a really heart-felt story that was often pretty funny I thought.
The best part was Jane Lynch's badass Halo-type character, any time she showed up I was laughing out loud. But at the same time, the focus on the dynamic between Ralph and Silverman's character AMONG cute referential humor, rather than focusing on the references, I thought was a good idea. One of my favorite online personalities, The Cinema Snob disagrees and found that focus on Sugar Rush Land irritating, and I understand why, but I enjoyed myself quite a bit more than I expected, and anyone could, gamers will simply enjoy the background noise more than mainstream audiences.
Being biased toward Sonic as of late, I was glad you actually see him quite a bit in this movie's background, but thought his personality wasn't quite represented. I think you'll see what I mean, if not, we can discuss.
I'd give it a 4/5 basing my score on Netflix's system of 1 is hated, 2 is didn't like, 3 is liked, 4 really liked, 5 loved. It misses some opportunities at referential jokes, and I think more general game genres could be lampooned than Donkey Kong style arcade, FPS, and Kart Racing, but for the story it presents it has a big heart and some big laughs, and as long as you can accept its focus on its own characters over your favorite household names, I think you'll really enjoy yourself. At least I did.
Anyone else have Halloween stories or Wreck-It Ralph opinions? Share in the comments.
Oh, and training tomorrow at 11am for me. Which means I'll be going around 9:30 or 10 considering distance of about 40 minutes and hopefully avoiing traffic.

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