Monday, February 25, 2013

BaD Satire Saturdays My Gameplan Feb 02, 2013 12:47PM PST

This is the plan I've laid out for the month of February, and I'll try to work at least one videogame somewhere in each, either as a discussion topic, or a passing, easter-eggish mention:
BaD Sports Sundays: In which I talk sports, and post hilarious bloopers full of nut-shots. Tomorrow: Superbowl talk.
BaD Movie Mondays: In which I talk movies, mock movies, and make love to movies. NSFW. I saw Les Mis today, so the next blog will at least feature a review of that.
BaD Tunes Tuesdays: In which I share and/or discuss music, and maybe post my own ("TGI Riffs," if I post some, will be on Tuesdays instead, purely thanks to alliteration) so you can feel better that while you haven't finally learned that musical instrument you've been meaning to, at least you haven't learned to suck at it in the glorious way I have.
BaD Workout Wednesdays: Since this has the potential to turn into that irritating guy on Facebook that always posts about his workouts with some inspirational quote to remind you how much better he is than all you slacking heathens, I'll try to find some workout videos to mock in a humorous fashion or something, but these blogs will focus on exercise and diet in some way, and it works out since this is the day my weight loss coach app is set to begin a week I think.
BaD Things Thursdays: In which I discuss "things," and both succumb to and mock materialism. The possibilities are finite!
BaD Food Fridays: Thanks to my low calorie diet, I can't haz cheeseburger, but I can still talk about it.
BaD Satire Saturdays: In which I'll attempt and fail to be humorous, and we'll all feel a bit better about ourselves. I'll laugh, you'll feel more sane cause you don't, and get to troll me. Today: telling you that I'll be watching SNL and there's satire in it somewhere. Whew! I need a drink.
And yes, I know that technically, BaD is only for weekdays, but my work is slow, so I'm gonna bring it like an unemployed mooch (unless they call me in, in which case time is money)!

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