Monday, February 25, 2013

Podcast and Days 7-8 of Game-A-Day Challenge Mar 09, 2011 9:04AM PST

Podcast is in the website (2nd link)
It was recorded on a flip phone in a hallway (we weren't allowed to use advanced equipment) and the website was an afterthought since it was only worth 5/100 points.
It's about the Oscars, so a little late, but hey it wasn't due until today and it's what we recorded.

Day 7: Favorite Gaming couple: Daisy and Luigi
Because someone threw the guy a bone. The way people talk to him in Mario 64 DS is bordering on abusive, despite he's the best character in there.
Day 8: Favorite Soundtrack
I'd cheat and say anything Nintendo's done, but specifically it's going to have to go to Megaman II. Especially when it's translated into the real rock instrumentals it so obviously sounds like.

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