Monday, February 25, 2013

Update Blog CAuse You Needed One Jan 19, 2013 8:49AM PST

So um... what's your favorite SNES or Game Boy Color title and I'll see if I played it and maybe make my next Gaming Timeline blog about that. In other news, I'm currently reading Catching Fire, (NOT re-reading, don't spoil it for me) and wondering where I should invest my money since work is slow this time of year. Also, my 15 year old cat is sick. Peeing too much and on everything but his litter box unless I catch him and lead him to it, so we have medicine for him, but hopefully he gets better or he'll have to learn to survive outdoors, cause no one is here 24/7 to watch him. And I know it's a gaming website, which is why my movie blogs tend to get less attention I think, but I'm thinking of doing a Music Timeline series (like my Gaming Timeline blogs where I go in chronological order of games I played throughout my life, but with music I listened to)of blogs. Of course, I need to learn (well, relearn mostly) videogame songs on guitar to post here too. So what's up with you?

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