Monday, February 25, 2013

Well Jul 31, 2011 9:09AM PST

I lost a few blogs to plain old 1up bugs, including a retrospective on Harry Potter, an old argument I had about how derivative and typical could perhaps come to mean the same thing in the context of the JRPG genre, more than a couple movie reviews, my take on the 3DS price drop, and the list goes on.
But then, I did get to exercise in the pool a lot this summer, definitely making me darker than my usual Texan-who-looks-Norweigan pallor (though my skin will go back to that anyway, as happens every summer-to-fall transition). So, that's a plus, right?
Yeah, I used to think of 1up as a place I could dump some thoughts, but well.... hopefully the next blog doesn't get shit canned by the 1up servers.. let's see if this even posts.
Edit: I guess since this worked, not all is lost.

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