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So as I mentioned Wednesday, my friend Kalei introduced me to a place called Chapps Hamburger Cafe. As someone whose favorite burger was Red Robin's Bleu Ribbon Burger up until that fateful February day two days ago this week (it's the tangy steak sauce that really does it), I was delighted that the chef's special they had on display that day was their Bleu Cheese Burger, and it was AMAZING.

Pictured Above: Peace and Love Without Smelly Hippies

What the Google Image picture above doesn't show is that I used ranch rather than ketchup to dunk those fries. It also seemed bigger in reality. Like, huge. Chapps is now my favorite burger joint. Red Robin is now a very close second. Both have amazing bleu cheese burgers (I know a lot of you think that's disgusting, but I love it on burgers), but Chapps has it melted in just the right way that it adds the flavor without being overpowering.

My friend Kalei had just a regular burger I think, but while I had regular fries, she had Cajun style spicy fries, which I thought tasted just like Five Guy's Cajun style fries. And that's how we got on the subject of


Chapps Cafe Vs. Five Guys

Now, admittedly, that image on the right does a lot to make Five Guys look better, and it IS delicious, but in real life I appreciated that Chapps' burgers aren't literally so greasy they come with a fork to help you with the slippery bun, like Five Guys does. I'd actually rate the two about the same in terms of burger and fry quality, it just depends if I'm in the mood for something more crispy or more greasy.

In general, I'd prefer Chapps Cafe, I think Kalei said she loved Five Guys, not sure if she was comparing or not; I love Five Guys, too! Either way, both are absolutely amazing burger joints that I can't have as often as I used to before losing my 20 or so pounds by dieting and exercise; and they're both generous portions, too! God, I miss being fat.

From there though, we turned the conversation to one that has become a bit of a rivalry in the fast food industry, at least among people where I live.

In N' Out Burger Vs. Whataburger

Again, the pictures I found point to a winner, but I feel the opposite in real life.

After we discussed Five Guys and Chapps, we discussed popular California-based chain In N' Out Burger vs. popular Texas-based chain Whataburger. Now, the pictures I've posted of In N' Out burgers next to regular and animal style fries make it look like In N' Out clearly wins over that boring looking ad-ready Texas Toast, but in reality, Kalei and I agreed: we really don't get what the big deal is about In N' Out.

There was huge hubbub when they came here to Dallas, with drive-thru lines that got on the local news. Kalei's friend from Cali got excited and took her around when they opened, apparently. I went later when they opened in the suburb outside Dallas I reside in.

Her friend was disappointed when she told her the normal burger she got wasn't much of anything special. They went back, and I guess the second time got it animal style, which was better, but still not all that noteworthy.

I got my burger animal style to begin with, but with regular fries. After seeing these images of animal style fries, I might have to go again and report back, but as far as both our experiences: there was nothing wrong with the burgers, but nothing really special about them either. The fries were a bit too thin, and not all that tasty, really.

Yet, both us Texans (I was born and raised here, I'm not sure if she was born here or in Hawaii, wouldn't be surprised either way) have a mouth party just discussing Whataburger's Texas Toast. It also has an orange sauce, which reminds me of the movie Good Burger, all these burger chains having orange sauces. It's also huge, and takes up more than my daily calorie budget by itself. Plus, that cheese. Simply put, it's an amazing southern treat.

And Whataburger's fries are a lot more tasty than In N' Out's to me as well. Especially when dipped in Whataburger's "fancy ketchup," which really does taste different, more tangy, than most ketchup.

Now, I don't say any of this to diss Californians. You guys make most of the movies I love so much, and should continue to do your thing. Hell, I'd love to go get some Millionaire Bacon, and there's tons of non-fast-food restaurants in Cali that sound amazing, it's just that I don't get the big deal with In N' Out. There was a really good bar and food joint in Austin called Sputnik's with an animal style option cause the management there was obsessed with In N' Out. I liked their food quite a bit more, but hey In N' Out inspired them apparently, so more power to 'em.

Anyway, here's a picture of Red Robin's Blue Cheese burger.

Love is a Powerful Thing

Actually, I think I might consider this and Chapps equal... hmm, guess I'll have to taste test again! Cool Especially since Red Robin's delicious, huge, well-seasoned steak fries are probably my favorites. Crispy goodness.

Now, how can I involve videogames and some kind of cat gif in this? I got it!

Kitty N. Vs. Burger Dog!


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