Tuesday, February 26, 2013

BaD Things Thursday Cause we are living in a material world, and I am a ... lower-middle class guy Feb 07, 2013 9:09AM PST

Tomorrow is Food Fridays, in which I'll be discussing burgers and how I really feel about certain chain restaurants (In-N-Out-Burger vs. Whataburger vs. Chapps Cafe vs. Red Robin vs. Whatever Else).
Today though, I'd like to annoy any of you who are parents, and, like a bratty little kid, let you know all about a bunch of crap I want, in a loud, siren-like fashion.
#1 Any new gaming system
Pictured Above: My Savings Account After Buying A Car, Taking A Couple Road Trips,
and Paying Off Student Loans
Yeah, in case you haven't noticed, I don't really have a theme day for my BaD blogs actually revolving around games, and when I do shoehorn them in, they're retro-ish titles like Bust a Groove and Star Fox 64.
I just don't have the money ... ok I do technically have the money, but finding an apartment, so I don't continue to be a Magna Cum Laude college graduate living with my parents, is a much higher priority for me in this stage of my life, and if I did buy a system, there'd still be loans to pay, and even $100 is a bit too much of a setback for my "piggy bank" right now.
Plus, I'm thinking of waiting until the next-gen consoles come out the next year or two, anyway. I feel sad that I missed out on stuff like Arkham City, Bayonetta, and 3DS titles, but I just feel like the systems out now will stop being supported with new big-hitter titles soon, and I may as well until a new system comes out to download l what I missed this generation at a reduced price or something.
Hopefully, when my job's slow season ends somewhere around the end of this month, I can gather up more cash and feel comfortable enough to be in the loop again, but for the time being, I have to cut fees out wherever I can.
#2 Equipment for Filming
"Jim, this is a documentary about General Motors, are you sure this guy.."
"Shut up Larry, it's my movie, and if I want to ask this homeless Bill Murray look-alike  what he thinks..."
"He doesn't even look like..."
"Shut the fuck up, Larry!"
Here's another reason gaming is on the back burner: some of you know I graduated from college with a degree in Radio/Television. Some of you may have gathered from that that I had access to cameras, Final Cut Pro (an editing software), and even DJ'd for our college radio station (KSAU) that went out to two cities (Lufkin, Nacogdoches, TX).
Well, I want to make a web series or something, which I could do with a digital camera, and some courage and ideas I really like, two of which I'm still waiting on. In the meantime, I might soon start a Google blog with Adsense or start sending articles to Cracked.com (speaking of, I still need to think of something for Satire Saturday), but I'd like to be able to do more stuff with DSLR-quality cameras and maybe Final Cut Pro on a Macbook, as opposed to the D620 I currently have.
Of course, one of the reasons I took my current job is to be involved in media again (I'm a production assistant, that is my freelance, contracting job), plus they might be able to get me something else I want through references.
#3 A Master's Degree
Google Image Searching "Douchebag Professor" Got Me This, Which Is Kinda Lame,
and I Assume Made By a 12-year-old girl, Yet Appropos
I have the desire, brains, references (I had two professors conduct almost all my courses, they'd both give me one I'm pretty sure, plus job people) and grades to get in, but unless I get a scholarship, I just want to pay this Bachelor's debt off first.
Technically, had I promoted from my previous job at university (Assistant Hall Director), I could have paid all $30,000 off in a year, but I was just so done with that job and applied too late, probably for the best.
Anyway, I do want to get as high an educational degree as I can, just need to work and budget for now.

And now, the perfect metaphor for this blog.

What's on your wishlists?! Let me know down below!

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