Monday, February 25, 2013

FPS Sucks!.... May or may not be done by Thanksgiving Nov 17, 2010 10:44PM PST

It depends on how soon I decide to diagnose fictional patients. Yay case studies. (note punctuation used)

Other fun projects due right after break include writing a paper on websites for my Radio/Television Programming class (you read that right, but more to the point it's a paper about a website directly connected to a station on radio or TV i.e. something like, and a song for Guitar 101 (progress so far, an iffy chord progression and lyrics about Ling Ling the panda, stay tuned I might upload it).

Speaking of school, my professor for Guitar 101 is Herbert Midgley, quasi-famous for the terrible "I Am A Nerd" song on youtube. However, despite my dislike for that song, other songs he has on his channel he wrote and some of his solos are actually pretty good. I actually really like "I Like the Way that You Are" and "Soaring". Also, no matter what his songwriting ability or singing ability (the latter he admitted not exactly excelling in toay in class), the man knows a lot about music theory, or at least significantly more than I do and I love his class. Been getting way more interested in guitar lately thanks to it. I won't post a video here since he's very easy to find on youtube, just please don't judge him by songs like "I Am A Nerd" because he has better and I'm sure that was more of a joke song (the man's in a stormtrooper outfit for criminy crip), and don't be a douchebag like a lot of the commenters on his channel; it's not like you can't exit if you don't like it.

A video I will show is this guy from General Hospital I found out ten minutes ago heads our film school. I actually took History of Film with the guy interviewing him (Thomas Church). I remember thinking how he vaguely reminded me of Alan Alda in between thinking how our professor was a bit odd for hating any movie past like 1955.

And here's my Social Psychology professor who said the local news got a bit happy with the edit button when he showed us this the first day of class. For his class, my group will be doing a presentation on an episode of South Park. Yes, his class is that awesome.

Also, Rick Perry came to our school to speak. Just throwing that outh there, since I don't like the guy but signed a petition to get him to come and plug his "Fed Up" book (get it?) so I did go see him speak. E-mail me if you care, cause as far as the content of this blog I don't.

And if anyone wants to read papers I've written this semester, e-mail me here on 1up and I'll give them to you so you can laugh at how much they suck.

Aaaand hope to have that FPS Sucks blog up soon.....


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