Monday, February 25, 2013

In Case You Were Wondering Cause I Know You Weren't Jan 30, 2013 1:44AM PST

Here's what I currently look like in real life.

And here's what my current profile picture, which is a caricature of myself and my ex-girlfriend made at a Christmas party for my current employer, looks like in full.
Yes, I had a beard and longer hair. Until a couple days ago, actually.
Before anyone asks: we had recently broken up when this was drawn, but are still friends, and we weren't asked any of this by the caricaturist, so we didn't say anything, hence its being drawn like we were a couple.
Anyway, I'm just bored, my plan to turn my sleep schedule around by no lights and no laptop being on and getting myself in bed, eyes closed around 8pm didn't work (it was 1am when I decided to walk out of my room in frustration for not being able to sleep), so I'm waiting for it to be morning-morning (as opposed to night owl time, which is tecnically also morning) so I can call AAA to tow my car up to the place we're going to get my new battery installed.
Gonna try just staying up all day to turn my sleep schedule around, which is unhealthy and will screw with my weight loss (I was 18-20 pounds heavier when the caricature was taken, and unfortunately not from muscle as it suggests), but if I can do it, hopefully not too much damage is done.

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