Sunday, February 24, 2013

A couple ideas for New Years blog Dec 30, 2009 2:45PM PST

Firstly, what I currently have already partially written (i.e. most of the features section) is an assessment of 1up's "Best of 2009" blowout. I was planning on commenting on the whole thing but now that I think about it, those podcasts are long and as it is reading every feature in there has been impractically time consuming. Still, I could easily power through most of the other sections like top 5s and I've watched every video this morning (including an hour-long video of the FFXIII demo just to watch Jeremy Parish die in it), so if you still want at least the features and a couple other parts of their blowout assessed by me lemme know. I've had a mostly positive experience reading all this crap so far and I noticed BigMex got a nod for community blogs (though it's a 1up homecoming contest I can no longer participate in and it'd be cool if one of his more typical blogs got the nod), but Ray Barnholt could use an editor when several of his posts have entire words missing (though his contributions are still good overall). Second idea on my mind is a recent blog by Brighat. Now, in his blog he had written something about how blogs should be written causing me to respond to what I consider an "elitist" mindset occurring in his recent blogs. Now, I'm not bringing this up to slander Brighat (and yes, I know what the difference between slander and libel means and trust me despite me writing this I'm using that term correctly) as my apathy towards anything resembling internet squabbles can not be measured but it did lead me to think about how I approach blogs and comments and what makes an enjoyable blog etc. I'm sure I've done this before, but it was long enough ago I wouldn't mind trying it again. Another idea I was contemplating was (brainblock, brainblock).. well, whateverhisname the Brit that headed Ziff Davis back in the day said on a recent podcast that he was more interested in reading about the people behind games than the games themselves and I must say I agree 100%. Not only do I not care for reading about technical game impressions due to the fact videos (with commentary anyway) are just flat out better than print at giving me a feel for what the game will be like, but this also explains why I read EGM when 1up content was free: I knew the EGM staff as snarky, humorous people. Now 1up has acquired some of this talent as well, but this still was a large part of why I enjoyed a print product more. Finally, I could talk about my top wanted games for 2010 but... until 1up gets more of that feature of theirs complete and I could care less about PC games. Nothing against PC gamers, but most of what I played on PCs when I was young was Oregon Trail, Gizmos and Gadgets or some other at least semi-educational time-killer that usually I was only playing to ease the fact I was staying at school with my computer teacher mom until 6pm some nights as a six year old rather than playing outside. Thus, there's at least a subconcious reaction of depressed memoriesof boredom I have whenever thinking about PC games, and the ones I do enjoy are typically just whatever NES quality game run on this computer. Even reading the feature "How PC Gaming Ended Up On Your Couch" made me remember how little I care for most FPSs and how gimmicky or way-too-damn-serious-oh-my-god-can-we-make-one-FPS-that-doesn't-take-place-in-a-dystopian-monochrome-future I find most of the games in that article. Actually, maybe I could go more in-depth on why I just psychologically prefer console gaming. Tell me what you guys think I should do. Edit: We might see Avatar tonight, so that should get at least a passing mention in whatever I post.

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