Friday, February 22, 2013

Chivalry is dead..... and women killed it Oct 05, 2006 8:28PM PST

Well we had some extra time in my US History class and one girl had the nerve to ask "whatever happened to chivalry". Well I know SOME mature girls who are smart enough to bag a good one(ie my ex who i never mistreated :) but to the rest of you(majority methinks): You wanna know what happened to chivalry? How many guys that WEREN'T assholes have you dated in the past 5 years of your life? There's your answer. Either stop giving the assholes what they want or keep killing chivalry. Whatever. But if your gonna go for the retards remember: entirely your fault. Oh yeah and guys if you want a decent girl it's your fault if she finds out you dated a bunch of sluts previous. Now, let's stop blaming each other for who WE decide to date, shall we?

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