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Damn you all! Aug 25, 2007 12:11AM PST

I want Bioshock so badly but 360 ain't happenin' grrr... Oh well. Anyone else a bit unsurprised Mother Teresa doubted God at certain points? Kinda threw herself into the shit there. A great person of course but I would've found it much harder to believe she was perfect and I actually feel good about the news: human beings simply have somewhat divine abilities. That's how I see it. On Michael Vick: Jamie Foxx says- "I mean there are people who shoot other people every day. I really think they're being too hard on him as a black superstar." Yes, Foxx, people get shot every day. I think I'll use that as an excuse once I start trafficing domestic animals for the purpose of gambling based on inhumane fighting rings. Seriously folks, I don't label people by their color. I label people by what I see written on their foreheads. In the case of this well-paid superstar that blew it all helping out what were likely old high school friends responsible people ditch at age 25 or less run a dog fighting ring, I see "DUMBASS". Waking up in a cold sweat he found himself in a small cot next to a row of other people on the same bedding material. He raised his arm to his eyes to check what time it was but his watch had somehow dissapeared. Instead looking below his barren wrist, there was a large blue tatto emblazoned on his forearm written in an Old English style of handwriting: "Angel 003" was written above the word "Divorce". He had no idea what this meant. He was never married, he could never have been divorced. But then what had been his life before this moment? Suddenly he realized he remembered nothing, not what his face looked like, how his voice sounded or the color of his eyes. In fact all he could remember was the dream he had before waking up in this cot next to so many people he did not know. He had heard two men screaming at each other, one brandishing a gun "This isn't my life damnit, I HATE THIS! I HATE THIS! I don't care what they want! I hate them all! They scoff at everything I think is right, and they glorify their own stupidity and greed! I hate them all!" "You signed a deal with the devil" "There is no devil, Crucio! None of the divine shit you talked about is real" "Yes it is. That's how men wrote the bible. Angels are angels and devils are devils but they're all human, 3. Only I am not I, thou art not thou, and they are not he or she." "Well I'm not helping out these devils" "You are of the same species, 3" "No I'm not. I'm an angel, they're all devials." "Bit cocky, 3." "Well I'm sorry I don't fit in with the optimism of your church Crucio, but call me a heretic I'm not helping them and that's my own damn heresus" "Very well. It is after all, your heresus what to do." And with that the gun 3 was brandshing fired three rounds into Crucio as Crucio lay dead next to a pile of ... what were the words for these pictures? Ah yes, green and white. But now that the dream was over he had to wonder where he was. He did of course think of the tattoo but clearly someone had done this to him in his sleep for whatever reason because he could never be 3. 3 had killed someone and no matter how much he disliked people this man, anonymous to himself would never do such a thing especially to a church official however much he may have thought religion to be a crock. And what the hell did heresus mean? The next moment, a man walked by and said "Ah 3, I see you have woken up". "Who are you? My name isn't 3... I don't think. Do you know my real name?" "No, I only know that you have commited a crime in your past life and this is your third chance to correct it. Usually the charm you know?" "Wha-?" "Oh it's quite a simple.. see your body has found its way to one of this orphanage's cots.." "Is this orphanage church-run?" "Why yes it is. Well more church-funded per se but yes more or less this is a part of my church. Anyway, you have commited a crime in your past life, in your case divorce.." "I'm sorry did you say crime? Cause if the guy next to me is a murderer I don't think my pulling a ditch-a-bitch is a huge fucking deal." 3 (for lack of any better name to think of the anonymous man had accepted this) had no idea where that came from. But he enjoyed it immensely. The man standing next to him smirked lightly, "well I see you've got the same sense of humor if you can call it that. Anyway, it is your job to correct your sin in the life I am giving you here in Purgatory." "Purgatory?" "Yes, Purgatory orphanage. Anyway more explanation later, but when you wake up again, my name is Crucio; call if you need anything. Oh, and your goal is to avoid the dream." Too startled by this to respond, 3 simply watched as Crucio strode off. He still wasn't clear on where he was, what he was doing there or really whether this wasn't just a second dream that happened to be more realistic feeling than the first. Then again in both dreams everyone involved had a shadow blocking any telling features, but in the first he was not any of them. He simply laid down his head, trying not to worry about it and go back to sleep in this dream in order to wake up in reality. Before he could however he heard a snorting noise in one of the cots nearby. A grown man was staring at porn he had stashed uunderneath his pillow and snorted cocaine lines with a rolled up dollar bill simultaneously. Even in the dream people were sick. To be continued or not. Who wants to hear 3's story? Third adventure blog should be up sometime soon, been busy with work as you all know.

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