Sunday, February 24, 2013

Didn't win but told I should have Feb 18, 2009 10:21PM PST

Which, considering it was basically a popularity contest based on how many people you brought, I think matters more given that the winner very obviously brought half the audience with her. The weirdest thing about it was that me and my buddy Cameron were joking about the fact that if he did a set where he put on a wig and did jokes ending with "Am I RIGHT ladies?!!!", he would win and frankly, from what I remember of the winner's set .... we were absolutely fucking right. A sample of some of her set: "My ex boyfriend brought me on a date to see Passion of the Christ, I thought it was the hand of God touching me, but nope, him feelin' me up" - my mind inserted "Amirite ladies?" "Go shopping for chocolates on Valentine's day, cause if she eats those who knows what she'll put in her mouth?" - my mind inserts "Amirite ladies?" "I always play it safe and shave my legs, just in case, you never know what could happen" - my mind inserts "Amirite ladies?" That and quite a bit of Deja Vu (why do I feel like I heard all of this before?) And just for you guys, since I'm too tired to post my entire set, here's the joke that won at least some of this college crowd over (when I was working out a girl literally ran up to me and asked if I would do my masturbation joke; made me feel good) "You know what I like? Masturbation. Only problem is you can never find a good enough excuse like what would you say? 'What the hell are you doing?' 'I've invented a new sport it's called genital frisbee! Here, (I make an obscene gesture w my hand) catch!" "Well I'm sorry it hit you in the face, but that's the first rule of genital frisbee, keep your eye on the balls. I'm sorry mom, I forgot you couldn't play"

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