Sunday, February 24, 2013

Evolution May 06, 2009 10:04PM PST

is science's way of saying "he may very well exist, but if he does he's probably just fucking with us".

- Joay

Brendan asked if I could talk about some of my college coursework and since he ranks way the hell above the rest of you, I'll oblige

Developmental Psychology (Guaranteed B, Possible A with final) We learned about anorexia and bulimia through some Nova videos today. Depressing shit. Sex abuse, anxiety, decrease in serotonin etc.and...... TWIGGY!!

History 133 (Not Guaranteed but almost certainly an A) Vietnam War... after I had just recently made very ignorant comments about war capabilities to my Palestinian friend that I felt shitty about this made me make sure I apologized for said comments. It was a depressing first half of today hehe.

Political Science (Guaranteed B, possible A with final) All I remember is a lecture on perceptual screening and I thought my go to news show was a prime example of this:




Yup, I watch left leaning news, now if BBC gives out youtube subscriptions or hell even Fox lemme know and I'll mix it up... though I might mainline BBC news cause they'd be most neutral on America and more worldwide.

College Algebra (D-F currently, may bring up to C with final) I've literally done equations involving speed while stoned (s = 16t^2 +Vot +So) and gotten every one right, but I can't graph for shit cause I don't pay attention. Therefore, I must study graphing... and word problems; seriously I'm dyslexic enough when it comes to Math, you have to throw words in too? I don't care if English is one of my best subjects, damnit.

Now, back to studying.


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