Sunday, February 24, 2013

FPS Sucks Blog Coming Aug 18, 2010 7:29PM PST

Horror games came in second with one vote. I'll get to it eventually and thank you for the suggestion Brendan! lol. And again, these are meant to be funny, not to offend, please hold the humorless 1000 word essay on how awesome these games are for someone who cares to read it.
It'll have to wait though, as I'm not out of training until this day next week, and then there's check-in, welcome week, and the semester to look forward to. I could write this blog tonight (and considering I go to sleep late, hell I might) but not having an activity at 7pm after going straight through training since 8am every day, plus other responsibilities related to the job and school taking up free time for once, I'd rather take this unexpected break to be lazy (especially since I lack the supplies to do anything else/already checked every room on my floor for damages: est. time for that being 4 hours total, then however long it took to document and call those in).
Thus, I'd rather just let you know that I'll be talking about pretty obvious FPS games for the most part (Halo, Doom etc.) and some I've played (Timesplitters: Future Perfect), so if you know of some obscure titles you want to see ripped apart unfairly, let me know.
Happy 18th of August everybody.

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