Friday, February 22, 2013

Freaking Satanic Christians.... Damn them Jan 10, 2007 2:15PM PST

As some of you know by now I go to a Catholic school. Some of the teachers here are pretty faithful and I can accept that. Most of them are quick to shoot down ignorance about other religions that some of the other kids have(I swear if they have to explain to these idiots one more time how small a percentage the Taliban makes up of Islam...) and they're alright with me. Nothing wrong with being Christian as long as you're not ignorant. On the other hand, some of them like my susbstitute for a certain class yesterday, are way too obnoxious about their faith. Immediately after entering the room she says "take a deep breath because if you couldn't breathe you'd be dead. Appreciate what God has given you." Weird and the way she does it is funny, but whatever. I'm not one to judge for being wierd. Then.... all ignorant hell breaks loose. She goes off on a tangent about how if you have an aetheist or sum1 who simply believes in a "higher power" roommate in college you should tell them to hold their breath for an extended amount of time and tell them something about how God is oxygen or something. She says we need to get in people's faces about their beliefs cause otherwise and I qoute "we'll lose the war Christians". 1. Using "war" as an analogy for spreading your beliefs does not sit well with me. 2. I'm not going to make an aetheist suffocate just to be obnoxious about Christianity.(Assuming they did it which, I know aetheists. They're smarter than that.) 3. I'm pretty sure Ghandi was all over the religious map. At which point were we supposed to suffocate him now? (Don't get mad at me for the use of Ghandi to prove a point, it's overused for a good reason: he pretty much proves religious affiliation has nothing to do with how good a person you are) There's more inbetween, but more notably later on she states "I am on a hill above those kids who listen to rock/metal and dress in goth because I have Jesus(it's implied they don't/are Satanic or something I guess)" 1.Just because you dress all in black, has nothing to do with religious affiliation 2. The "goth" kids and they're rock metal hasn't been all that relevant since the millenium kicked in. 3. The hill analogy is wierd but the idea is she's above people who dress all in black and listen to rock/metal. I call BS. The Good: No ignorant statement was made directly regarding Islam or Bhuddism or any other non-Christian religion other than aetheism. The Bad: Again, while I have no problem with people who believe in Christianity(hell I do. Prayer works surprisingly well believe it or not. Jesus or set off endorphins I really don't care. I likes the end results.)stuff like this just sets me off. The Ugly: To be honest I'm really more aggravated at the fact I couldn't concentrate on my test because she was going off the whole time? How is it beneficial for DNA to remain in a cell's nucleus? Because that way it gets more Jesus..... Wait,... ah damnit.

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