Sunday, February 24, 2013

I went to go see Saw V Oct 28, 2008 12:10AM PST

Like that Brendan? I figure I start using improper English just to spite you now, professor, haha! Jk. (oh wait) Anyway, not having seen the previous Saw films, I still somewhat enjoyed it. Sure I couldn't follow the flashback within flashback plot worth a damn, but it was a well-made detective thriller and having watched Saw 1 in parts the night before I caught some of what was going on. I've met a significant number of people here who think this series is a masterpiece, despite widespread critical hate. Personally, I like them, but they would be much better as a TV miniseries on HBO. I was expecting a Hostel II level of suck, but it rose above that with an actual plot. Over the weekend I also discovered Volcano Tacos, which with it being Homecoming weekend we had to drive in a parking lot full of drunks at 4 AM to get. I also lost 3$ on a pool tournament despite that I am now very good at this game. Hint: Do not put money on doubles matches. I'm starting to think about pursuing the career I really want which is ... stand up comedy? I've been watching it lately and I've decided it would suit me better than music, which I just don't have the personality for. Not that I'm going to stop learning and playing music I just think of the out-there things I want to do I would be much more capable of stand up. The only videogame related thing I can say is that I got my ass handed to me in Soul Calibur IV yesterday. Also, I may have failed or barely passed another History exam. Saving graces: 100% attendance (which she grades), 96% on last exam, and 64% on first test was passing surprisingly. I was used to 70% = D in high school and middle school.

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