Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Dell Latitude laptop w/ Windows XP Home as of now Oct 15, 2010 10:14AM PST

Recent Downloads:
  • Avast! antivirus
  • Open Office: (writer, impress, and whatever the spreadsheet one was called)
  • Flash... whatever the one youtube made me download was
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6
Recent Issues:
  • Computer randomly freezes, sometimes after a few minutes of use, sometimes after a couple hours of use; ctrl,alt,del and escape do nothing, nor do any other keys (I've tried)
  • The one time out of a million the PC was kind enough to tell me why this happened, it said it was a Nvidia driver that was causing system instability. Went to their site but forgot if I needed Geoforce driver or some other type, plus 86.2 MB of space for the one I was viewing seems a tad much. This PC is definitely not capable of playing new videogames, nor has it been, and that's what this driver on their website seemed to be selling to.
  • This freezing is annoying but not too damaging when I'm surfing the web, but when it happens when all I'm doing is writing a paper in Open Office and forget to save... blah.
Possible fixes:
  • At this point, all I would know is to install the Nvidia driver and get the CD Key from my friend if necessary.
Other News:
  • In my getting internet back, I still haven't played videogames since summer, but I saw that Something Awful has a Let's Play of Metroid Prime Corruption. They were bashing Other M pretty hard.
  • HAL 3000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey is not scary, and anyone who puts him at the top of a "scariest performances in movies" list is simply trying to make themselves sound intellectual with "symbol of humanity's inevitable demise" nonsense (I'm looking at you, Nostalgia Critic). Anyone who disagrees with me on this is simply being contrarian. So there.
  • Now, to see that Kirby review and read some of this 25th Anniversary of NES stuff. Even though honestly, I'd like to read about a different older system like maybe Master System once in a while.
If you guys know how to help with the laptop situation, please let me know. And yes, I tried typing this on my laptop, and yes it's ultimately resulting in having to use a school computer.

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