Sunday, February 24, 2013

My E3 Excitement Jun 17, 2010 3:56AM PST

is mostly towards the 3DS. Oddly none of the games (remakes, damnit Nintendo) outside of maybe Kid Icarus and a couple others announced so far, but the system I'm still pumped for. 3D without the glasses, 3D pics (Jeremy Parish says they're crap but eh) and possibly 3D movies on the go hinted at is much more appealing than overpriced, to-soon, gimmicky 3DTVs.

For other systems

PS3: Killzone 3

I loved KZ2 despite the permanent midget mode, and the new one looks amazing.MGS Rising looks cool too, but Zelda's doing the same and while this looks bloodier and therefore a bit cooler than Zelda it does loes some points with me since I'd imagine Nintendo's swordplay will be smoother.

Xbox 360: Epic Mickey

Edit: I've been informed this is not a 360 title. oops. Forgot about that. I guess Arkham Asylum II goes here after all.

I'd say Batman or Halo: Reach but those are sequels. I didn't expect to be too interested in it until I saw the demo with the excellent Steamboat Willie level and the apparent treasure chest of artifacts the anti-semitic bastard left in his vault that will be featured in this game. I can be kind of a history buff.

Wii: Metroid Other M

Zelda Skyward Sword is a close second, but honestly it's what I thought TP would be when it first came out so the playing with swordplay yay! element has worn off somewhat. Metroid M on the other hand has a great mix going for it, and I can't wait to see how Team Ninja incorporates 2D gameplay with first person shooting.

DS/PSP: Were they mentioned?

I certainly don't remember them being mentioned. Other than 3DS buzz I have no idea.

Honorable Mentions: Twisted Metal, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Castlevania Lords of Shasow

I used to love me some Twisted Metal 2 as a kid, but honestly I wouldn't care at all about this if I hadn't seen those helicopters. Looking forward to what this turns out to be.

MvC3 just looks cool, especially because of Deadpool whose apparently a joke character but I don't care. That Rorscach and Deadpool jingle justsomerandomguy from youtube does is great.

I also though the new Star Wars Old Republic trailer looks awesome, but alongside Fallout: New Vegas and Portal 2 it's a hyped game I'll likely never play.

And Castlevania and Hideo Kojima is just something I'm dying to see.




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