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New EGM great, Music tastes Feb 14, 2007 2:01PM PST

Late Response

riff~ well, I have to give the movie this much credit: it has the most appropriate tagline, "Enter at your own risk". It actually is interesting in a certain way but from an objective standpoint it still sucks donkey nuts. Maybe you'll end up enjoying it like I enjoyed St. Anger. It's almost hard fact it sucks yet it has a huge advantage in some areas.

Widow~ I know I've seen Hostage but it was a while ago so you'd have to refresh my memory

Mr Glass~ Parker Posy's hot, but her character was a huge turnoff here. Never seen Oh in Ohio and I've heard of Paul Rudd but not really familiar.

glass adam~ How dare you suggest movies that don't involve incest! jk lol

cm~ .... y'know the movie could have used an AK


Since FF_Killa had his blog about what he listens to I figured I'd rip it off with a little twist.

The following are bands doing songs they wouldn't be typically associated with

Megadeth- Promises

Personally I much prefer the electric Spanish chorus recorded version but this live acoustic English version was all on youtube(aside from crappy FF AMVs, check those out for the electric version)

Sum 41- Pain For Pleasure

Sum 41's hair metal parody band with drummer Steve-O on vocals.

Interesting facts: Sum's first single "Fat Lip" had the lyrics "Maiden and Preiest were the gods that we praised" and former lead guitarist Dave "Brownsound" Baksh has left the band saying it got too simple to play songs and made his own band Brown Brigade saying he wanted to go more towards what got him into guitar in the first place: metal. It doesn't sound really metal to me but Brownsound does do solos.

Actually Bitter End sounds more metal to me. The vocalist sucks here, but I still like Brownsound's solo.

Yeah, I agree that's a little too much Sum, but I just find it interesting they like metal.

So now, metal band Children of Bodom doing a great cover of Oops I did it Again? by Britney Spears with solo.

Let's round it out with Korn covering Brick in the Wall


Great! I loved most every article and Jack Tretton actually handles some tough PS3 questions pretty well(15 pages).

My only gripe is the huge font in some areas making it seem cluttered but other than that best EGM in a while.

What I've been listening to recently

The Offspring Greatest Hits album, Misfits- Dig up her bones, Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium album, The Strokes First Impressions of Earth album, Bad Religion(in general), Sex Pistols- Anarchy in the UK/God Save the Queen, Dragonforce- Through the Fire and Flames, Ludacris- Run Away(think that's what it's called)/Stand next to this money(know that's not the name, but you know what I'm talking about), Slaughter the Silence(metal band I found through UG/Myspace), Metallica- Escape, Alice in Chains- Man in the Box, etc.

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