Friday, February 22, 2013

No... more... emo! Jul 20, 2007 4:35AM PST

I'm amazed at the number of blogs I've written in what, like 3 days? And yet, instead of posting a multiblog it's easier just to keep postin' em up because I think of them after each other, not all at once. Amusing. Anyway, there is nothing more annoying than constantly annoying everyone with annoying complaints about how annoying something is after we've all heard it said a million times and WE FUCKIG GET IT! NOW SHUT UP NERDS AND JUST MOVE THE HELL ON! *AHEM* this message brought to you by an early morning UG thread about emo wherein YET AGAIN nothing but back and forth bickering ensued. No matter what your music taste, just please, I vote we never ever use this word again, in favor or (especially cause these are the main people digging up the non-issue to annoy me with false cries of "the govt's got my musical baby"; SHUT UP DAMNIT!) against whatever the hell it is (seriously not one of you who's brought it up even knows what it is. Suicidal teens? WHAT A NEW FUCKIN CONCEPT! CLEARLY THIS MUSIC IS THE ORIGIN OF IT!) . And thusly did the wiarding community never use the tem again. It was fucking annoying. Dark times, Harry, dark times. Genresrforposers.

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