Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oh shit Aug 18, 2008 5:06PM PST

List of things to do

Call Etech and tell them I can't commit to the times they had me scheduled training/working (classes run too late)

Go shopping for college which I somehow just barely realized I'm going to this Saturday.

Hang out with all the friends I can between shopping.

Maybe buy tickets to Masters of Metal (It's just that it's the day before I move in)

Smack myself in the face for completely forgetting Nine Inch Nails was today. Then say "never mind" when I see how astronomically high tickets likely are and I've already spent too much on Ozzfest.

Get that $500 scholarship to the bank along with remaining work money. Talk to my college about other financial aid (which was granted! plus I know I got another $1500 scholarship).

Attempt to find work when I get down there.

See if my roommate ever gets back to me on that facebook invite (best case scenario: get dorm to myself like friend at UNT).

Try to decide my major at some point/what I want to do with my life.

Post a video of myself attempting to play with my old and shitty, brandless guitar because my blaming it for my previous shortcomings as a guitarist are made shameful by this:


 Of course I'll also post a video of me playing my gorgeous Ibanez guitar (likely be aTallica tune) because I don't feel too bad about owning better equipment after this shit:

 And of course: try to find a new game so I actually have something to say on here.


Ledger v Nicholson

Apple: Nicholson is Tim Burton's version of Joker. Dark but still cartoony and has a clearly realized villan motive. You can easily tell it's Nicholson.

Orange: Ledger is Chris Nolan's vision of Joker. Dark and believable with an unclear motive as to why he wants pure anarchy. Probably has something to do with childhood abuse but no clear origin story is given, nor method for madness. Had I not known it was Ledger, I'd think it was just a really good unknown.


Turns out I'll have some gaming to talk about as I just rented Sonic Mega Collection.



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