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People please feel free to criticize me Jun 03, 2007 12:54PM PST

if you see things like "but then it gets better with a melodic hook because later in the song it gets better with a melodic hook" (or whatever I wrote) in my music reviews like last blog for the love of God tell me.

In all honesty I never double checked it out of not caring that much, but it doesn't hurt to tell me when I screw up that badly especially as I might be trying for a writing scholarship.

I actualy had a whole other blog written with why while I prefer it astronomically to the douchebaggery of a youtube or ultimate-guitar, this site can be a little too nice sometimes but it's easier to just say it abruptly: when my writing sucks, tell me.

And now onto the second part of that now nonexistent blog which was scrapped for getting a little too.... Holden Caulfield because I was trying to iterate on why I started hanging out with spoiled rich kids my sophomore year/their personalities etc. I was doing this because I remember a blog I wrote about a one-day stay at camp that 1up members were being overly sweet and calling an "adventure" when really I sounded like a coffee hyped 12 year old and there was plenty I had done that was a lot more "adventurous" (re: illegally experimental).

If you want to hear any more, part of this "story" involved a kid who drank mixed alcohol but forgot his gum had acid on it and seriously believed he had seen a leprauchan while we were in the car (designated driver don't worry, I'm a strong believer we should be as harsh as Europe is on drunk driving).

Also, apparently illegal street racing takes place in Frys electronics at night.

Anyway if you wanna hear more of the real "adventures" tell me so and I'll write more (it may be in white and get deleted later anyway for my own safety because even though I've given 1up either false or non-info on myself and created a decoy email for colleges etc. there's still the matter of using the email I use for 1up to talk to high school teachers... ya never know) and if you want to hear why I consciously got involved in dumbassery and why I still feel no guilt over it and think I needed some fun weekends for the life of me, tell me. I'll include the Holden Caulfield crap.

EDIT: On a side note playing GHII for the first time today at a Walmart made me realize how little the thing has to do with actual guitar.

It's tiny and its extreme lightweightedness makes it feel like a toy. But once I learned that you had to strum (uh... oops. I figured I could just press buttons?) after failing at "Them Bones" and "Heart Shaped Box" (both very easy tunes in reality) I finally managed to know enough about what I was doing to get a You Rock! on easy with "Beast and the Harlot" (I have no idea how hard it is in reality because I've never heard it before and I was already relying solely on visuals due to the TV being damn near inaudible as an early Jason Newstead bassline).

And you know what? It was mildly amusing..... but I have a strong desire to go back and try it again. Damn you addictive rythym action!

EDIT2: PS to Glassadam: Marquees are the new lines

I also learned 3 things about drugs
Given that I was able to take 18 shots of tequila, only notice getting buzzed at round 15 of those and only wake up with what I didn't even realize was a hangover because it was my first time getting drunk and it didn't feel that bad, I AM 75% Irish and my parents weren't lying.
Cigarettes taste like shit..... and make you feel like you have no problems whatsoever. I never smoked again because I knew I'd get addicted, not because of the taste.... which is still creeping me out cause I never thought I'd be attracted to tobacco (and unlike MJ and alcohol it has NO medical benefits whatsoever)
Marijuana does nothing to me. At all. Well, it burns like hell in my throat. But that's it.

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