Friday, February 22, 2013

Prince: I admit he's good(not my taste) but not THAT good Feb 05, 2007 4:15PM PST

When I come into school I usually go to my teacher Fulce's room. That's not important except to say he's a big pop music fan. So when Freshmen out in the hallway started arguing over whether or not Prince was gay(well, pondering, not arguing) the man came to Prince's defense by showing us all his hot wife(whom he's divorcing). Personally I thought she looked a lot better from the side. And apparently the "Artist Formerly Known As Prince" crap was all just because WB owned his name by contract. Which must suck because Prince is his actual first name. And then he had hip surgery or something. Anyway, yeah I learned a bunch of crap I'm not sure I care about, but here's the part that miffed me: He started saying something along the lines of Prince being one of the greatest guitarists. Great? He's not my taste but I'll have to give it to him, he's got talent. One of the best? Not by a long shot. At least not in my opinion. But least I can see how someone could make that argument. Some kid there said Lenny Krvitz was a great guitarist.... ok, Prince does some impressive soloing(I enjoyed Purple Rain) but what has Kravitz ever done that's so impressive? Oh yeah, and I'm not hiding my inentions with this blog, this is all just fuel for a comment war over who the greatest guitarists are. And...... FLAME!

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