Sunday, February 24, 2013

Reformed greeting Jun 19, 2008 9:41PM PST

Shorter, no more mentions of you cool people. Sorry, just got too long. There is still my infamous (sort of) tasteless religion joke, my favorite band's take on Vivaldi, and a playlist I'm half done with that I'm trying to have a different band for each song for. I'm then going to post my thoughts on each song to replace the blogger mentions. I'm going to try to watch Golden Compass this weekend before going to Orientation. So far what I've seen is pretty much a criticism of the Catholic church's lesser moments and I'm liking its "us and them" darker take on what is very much like a Harry Potter film. My mom mentioned that we were banned by the bishop here to see it and I find it ironic how far that type of crap goes to prove what I see as the movie's points. Speaking of film's world views I recently had a disagreement with isucamper and Jeremy Parish about how deep No Country For Old Men really was. I still say it was just a really well-made thriller while they say it's somehow a commentary on noticing increasing violence in society. If that's true, think about how many bajillion other films that could be said about. Seriously. It's a film where a guy finds and keeps a shitload of money then a crazy man with an oxygen tank chases him and a sheriff chases said crazy man. But I suppose like all media there's two ways to look at it: entertainment as a definite and art as a maybe. I still just see entertainment even after thinking about it. Now with There Will Be Blood I hated it upon first look (save for the ending, which is actually what left me thinking) but after my "God what a cunt" take I realized that the movie's rivalry between Daniel Day and the preacher said all kinds of things about religion in a business driven world and how much strength can really be granted by faith. And the movie's answer is still the last one you'd want in your own life, but that's what I got when I dug deeper. To put things in perspective I'm the guy that thinks Shakespeare's Hamlet was Shakespeare's personal way of fucking with everyone who takes entertainment too seriously. He's sitting in heaven listening to everyone's arguments about its convoluted plot chuckling to himself about how he was able to make scholars act like chickens with their heads cut off regarding his play. What do you think? Edit: Finished playlist. Only band seen twice is Bodom, couldn't resist

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