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Superbad, College, New Years best and yes that's me (in widescreen format) Jan 02, 2008 5:44AM PST

superbad As it turns out my pessimism once again turns out to give me a pleasant surprise (I think if we were all a bit more pessimistic we'd be more able to appreciate the small things in life). Superbad didn't start out that great. The first few minutes of the movie are just stupid gross out humor with no dry comedy to balance it off. Sure, the drawing... things erm thing was a shock value kind of funny but that's not for me. Then the cops showed up and things got a hell of a lot better. And that is why the pic I posted features them and McLovin': they are what makes this movie great. George Michael is still good and don't get me wrong I like the fat kid (more later on in the film than his initial jackass self) but the dipshiterry of Popo pigs proves positively poignant in comedy positivity.. .. PAPAM! It did of course make me remember that I have to go to college next year. And one school that I've applied to apparently is known for Sex Fun and Alcohol which sounds awesome but then at that type of school what in God's name happens four years later? I want a good education and have one at the moment but some colleges I've heard have Freshman courses not matching my Senior course levels... that just sounds like a total waste of money to me. And then there's that issue of money again. What I hope for the future is that all info needed will be posted on the net in an easy to find, organized form (yes I'm aware a lot of it is/online colleges but I mean completely accurate and more in-depth) and money will no longer be needed for education. I'm not undermining teachers (at all: my mom's one, I know) but damn it'd be nice if poor and dumb was given a better circumstance cause I'm a firm believer that we are all the same piece of shit in a different situation. Problem is all I want to be is in make or break industries (re: creative arts). Musician, comedian, writer, director all have horror stories even for those that made it. You HAVE to start out poor and struggling and who knows if you'll make it. And aside from director which definitely requires hands on learning, do I really need college for this crap? My answer is still generally a "not really". But while I'm on a freakout trip about my future enjoy my ugly mug. I had a "cute" pic but was naturally inclined to post the one that made me look totally high even though I'm not. Best of 2007 Game: Umm... well since it's the only one I can remember playing in '07: Zelda Twilight Princess Music: I discovered Children of Bodom this year. I renewed my faith in metal. I also found out how much I love indie, experimental, and blues/jazz of the Cowboy Bebop variety. Interpol, Mars Volta, etc. Classical can be cool too. Hell, hip hop has great songs for a couple weeks. Oh, and the reason rock seems stale to some: rock was built on saying "screw you" to your idols and not giving a crap about being the new Beatles. Do NOT feel the need to "respect your rock elders", that is the biggest contradiction to everything that makes rock exciting. Something similar to Johnny Rotten's hate for Pink Floyd is always welcome (as is Pink Floyd). Movies: Superbad, Bourne Ultimatum, Charlie Wilson's (in which Philip Seymour Hoffman was AWESOME just as fat as he is) War, and some others were all great.

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