Sunday, February 24, 2013

To be funny or to promote? Apr 08, 2010 12:49AM PST

So, after last week's adventure on the shitter, I thought it was too late to apply for moving up in this corporate world I'm now getting into. Turns out, I was allowed to apply late and hopefully I'll interview well enough that actual cash will become one of my perks on top of the whole room and board thing (not to mention, the position I'm promoting to was almost discontinued due to just how little the next guy up actually does... though I have a feeling they'll be upping requirements to make keeping the position seem logical). Now, all this would mean normally is making sure to iron the ol' suit and tie for Friday's interview, but there's a predicament: a $300 prize Last Comic Standing competition Monday. Why is that a problem you ask? Because while I'm an aspiring comedian and the reason I'm a RadioTV major to start with is because I'd like to produce a comedy show (or be a music producer/guitarist as second best option... also have an interest in movies) or be a stand up comedian, I work blue. As in before I got hired I did the last competition like this, and my main joke was about masturbation as sport. I'm actually surprised I got hired given that one of my top bosses saw me do this. Good news is, the interview precedes the set, so it's not like anyone in the professional setting will preconceive me as "dick joke guy" when I'm trying to promote to a kind-of managerial position.Other good news is that given my experience at this job, I'm probably overqualified and can turn off my crude switch and get to work on a dime but I digress. The bad news is that same higher up that saw me last time will likely be at both the interview and this event, meaning if I don't clean up the act I risk losing ethos built at the interview. Hopefully, I can come with stuff that at least works without terrible euphemisms and swear words, or at least tone some stuff down. Questions: What do you guys think though? Should I do the interview and the set to gain chops and love from more ppl (I get pretty good feedback on my last try and actually ppl who remembered my set were the ones to bring this contest to my attention), or considering the popularity contest nature of the event making my $300 win unlikely, should I stick to promoting potential in my day job and not risk the backfiring if I get a bit too loose with my tongue? Also, my review for Airbourne's No Guts for Glory should be up on soon so check it out. Is there anything you guys think should do that would appeal to you non metal gamers and/or you metalhead gamers ? There have been some pretty sweet game reviews and articles up on that site in general lately, please come check it out.

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