Friday, February 22, 2013

Took SAT today and Joeyisms Mar 10, 2007 6:52PM PST

Reading and Writing went extremely well. Math section went kinda meh, but at least you don't get points off if you don't answer. Does anyone know how to post things on a page through audacity? I might not have the time to post videos of myself(re: I live with 3 people so there'd be tons of interruption plus embarrasment.... y'know how those nerds on SNL that Jimmy Falon used to play as kids that posted their "show" on the net? Turned me off to the idea somewhat) but I maybe could post some guitar riffs or audio blogs. Oh well, riffcompelsme seems to have things taken care of on the video blog front which by the way go check out his new blog, guy's a good storyteller in person. Anyway, this week is Spring Break for me so expect certain uh..... elements to limit my ability to write blogs so there may be some filler. Joeyisms~ From now on in my blog I'll post at the end things I said my friends thought were funny. If your wondering why Joey isms and not Joa isms I go by Joey in real life. Joay's just what everyone pronounces when we're having a party and theyre calling at me. Seriously, try to say that out loud w/o sounding like your in party mode. You can't. Joeyism Part Uno "I find it impossible to refute the fact God is an Irish Catholic woman. There is no other way to explain all those damn children."

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