Sunday, February 24, 2013

Videogame songs May 14, 2009 10:51PM PST

Street Fighter - Ken theme Street Fighter - Guile theme Super Mario Bros. theme Super Mario Bros. underground theme Metal Gear Solid 2 theme I've learned/cloes to learning those, anyone want to hear any of them? I feel like posting guitar stuff when I get back. What's your favorite videogame song? Possible purchases when I get back (from college) The World Ends With You Korg DS-10 if I can find it, most likely online somewhere Some other DS game ... cause that's still all I have Gayness Due to staff screwing up and overbooking I most likely will still have to have a roommate next semester despite the fact Community Assistants are supposed to have private rooms as perks. Eh, still free. VW Jettas Can hold more than you'd think... let's hope. Finals Something is screwy with the way my Psychology teacher is putting my grades up... hmm. Unfortunately, can't look at other ones now. Weird.

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