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Warped Tour Jul 06, 2009 5:50AM PST

Well, riff you were right the schedule was fucked. After waiting in line way too damn long to get in, had to wait in line around a ginormous crowd around the one guy selling schedules for $2. One which didn't have one of the stages I wanted on the map and a bunch of too close together times.

What does this have to do with videogames? Before I bought my BR t shirt I was wearing a 1up shirt with the green mushroom on it. So there. Also, Less Than Jake has a song that appears in some game I remember playing on Playstation a while back. It was a skateboarding game but not on Tony Hawk.

Copy and pasted review from facebook:

Line to get in was god friggin' awfully long. Got there at 10, did not get in until 11: 30 or so.

Ataris - were pretty good, didn't know many songs cause I havent listened to them since 5th grade but liked Boys of Summer and the couple Misfits songs they played.

Anti-Flag - Fucking awesome, loved every song (most of which were pretty familiar). Not so much on the support of PETA, but mostly agreed with their philosophy and great energy for a live band. Got into most of the mosh/circle pits they had going.

TAT - Unfortunately only caught two songs but definitely going to check them out again. Other than that can only remember the lead singer dissing some guy's "mum" and CJ is up on stage with them in a video somewhere.

3OH!3 - Surprisingly good, even though I was far back. A lot of their songs were kinda "meh" because they had the same rythym as their hit (don't know the name of it) but I loved the hip hop parts of it. And their hit which they closed with, obviously.

Alexisonfire - Pretty good although the crowd wasn't very energetic imo. I also like the guitarist's vocals better than the lead singer's.

Less Than Jake - Best band there for me personally. Fun to just listen to, the band was hilarious, I love ska and a nice mix of dancing and moshing. I also remember their closer from way back on a Playstation skateboarding game.

Chiodos - Sounded good but I left after "Baby You Wouldnt Last A Minute On The Creek" (which I loved) because the crowd was way too damn packed.

Jet Lag Gemini - only caught the last part of their set; luckily it also happened to be the part with the most stage antics an awesome guitar solo, and a couple really good songs. (Turns out video I found was their closer I think. This is the one the singer stood on the crowd to sing part of)

Thrice - Overall pretty good sound, and surprisingly clear considering how bad my ears were popping at this point. I don't think I heard any songs I know like "Stare at the Sun" (whatever the name is) but still pretty good set.

Senses Fail - Had a really good sound but couldn't actually see them where I was laying down on the grass area. Had Bad Religion not been up next I would've likely gone.

Bad Religion - Before they went on the guitarist remarried some couple who met at Warped 10 years ago. I stood too close and got a bit too much of the distortion and I thought Greg was off key for "21st Century Digital Boy" but other than that no complaints. I love all their songs and the only hit I noticed missing was "Infected". Loved "Requiem for Dissent" (favorite on newest album) and "I want to Conquer the World". Best song on the set was "Generator". They also win the award for having most balls on stage... or if you're an Underoath fan maybe most shit thrown at them, it's all perspective, really. I kid. There was a lot of football and beach ball throwing between band and audience though.

Underoath - It got kind of akward wearing a bad religion tee to the #1 best selling Christian band, but I was there for the music. I thought the opening was heavy and promising but the others seemed a bit too disjointed for me, and didn't like the scream vocals. Could be my fault cause my ears were ready to explode and I was getting a ride at 730pm but I left early.

I also kind of saw In This Moment, but from a distance so... meh. Saw them at Ozzfest 2008 and wasn't super impressed.

By the way where the FUCK was the stage? I didn't see it on the map, and missed Black Tide.

Edit: Found the video with my friend on stage, can't hear him too well but can see him fine

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